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Finished a few projects :)

Well I am finally finished with and you can stick a fork in them they are completely finished. I have been working on several other projects as well. I have made some updates to but many are still needed…. I have also been working on it is also undergoing numerous changes….

I finally setup my office! I set up dual monitors 🙂 I am currently running Linux Ubuntu, OS X, and Vista on my network. Now I just have to setup my network so it is accessible remotely (you know remote control). I have also been working on setting up my ubuntu box so it connects wirelesssly (by the way not very fun spending this much time in front of a BASH Shell). I have recently installed a newer graphics card on my ubuntu box to currently working on setting up XGL to run. Anyway I have been very, very, busy. I am looking forward to some time off soon..

Side Note:

Google is finally perfecting its web tool kit and also putting it out their as open source so you might want to check it out. The tool kit allows designers to use googles ajax library much like yahoo's user interface library except maybe a little better.

Not quite sure what to think…

Hi Brendon, I have been in this business a long time and nothing surprises me but the call I just got from Info probably comes the closest. They are no longer worried about the test they have no problem with you doing other work as long as it does not interfere with what you are doing for them. They would like you to be on board December 27th and you can come to work through us as a contract with the right to hire or go full time right off the bat with them. Salary demands we can live with. Please call me or let me know your thoughts ASAP. ########## From: Brendon Smith Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 8:34 AM To: ########## Subject: RE: Sites I am sorry to inform you I have still not yet had a chance to go and take the test. I have been over loaded here at work. We are currently one short on our already barebones Information Services Staff. I have also recently moved and this month I also received more than double the amount of my salary in freelance work. So with that in mind I would first like to mention if I did work for InfoUSA I would not be willing to sign any document that said I could only do web development for them and I would also need to revise my salary requirements ('##########' ). I after studying their test yes I certainly could complete it but then I would be knowingly handing over some of my work for which I would not receive pay (that they could use). If they would like to give me a written test that would be fine. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause. —–Original Message—– From: Brendon Smith Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2006 8:41 AM To: '##########' Subject: Sites Web Sites I currently administrate, build, and design: web site for interactive experiments a php friends networking site I run Current Freelance Projects: Current Projects I am working on: CSM Intranet Video (it uses coldfusion and is secure so I cannont actually show it to most people) Campus Map (still in beta) Information on Design Technique with downloadable examples I have also been working on a Portal Project for the College utilizing Microsoft share point. Brendon Smith Web Developer College of Saint Mary 7000 Mercy Road Omaha, Ne. 68106 (402) 399-2308

EVE Online reached new PCU

KeyWord: EVE Online,PCU Summary: CCP Games announced the Sci-fi-themed MMORPG EVE Online have reached new peak concurrent user record of 32,955 on Dec 3rd.
FROM: mmosite , mmospirit

Client Work

Well I can see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 I am about finished with the Sister of Mercy Higher Education conference (click here for the visual demo). This site will be used as a communication tool for the Sister of Mercy. It integrates flash chat, word press, and phpbb with a single logon. I have also been thinking about placing an image gallery on the site for them to use as well. You can think of it as their very own social network. I just need to clean up the images make a few more skins and work on the documentation!


I am also about finished with HomeGuard security a company out of Des Moines. It is a slick little flash site. We are also thinking about integrating a blog so the client can update his own content and then streaming it with an rss reader for the web front end on their site! This page will be wrapped up soon though. I am looking forward to finishing these sites then I will have more time to blog 🙂

The Next Revolution

Well everyone knows the next revolution will be the ability to use a cell phone as a computer. Most people think the whole concept is silly but if you had new ways to display content like a simple set of glasses it makes sense. Google is currently making deals to provide people with free cell phones that will host advertising. The old Ma Bell companies should be aware that Google bought tons of dark fiber and may be waiting to create more free wifi areas. When the intenent is free everywhere it will be the death of cell phone provider networks and old ma bell companies. Europe already has hybrid cell phone! Linksys and Skype teamed up to create a cell phone that will work on both wifi and on a cell phone provider network it is only a matter of time before it becomes a standard. It will be nice to have a device that is truly mobile and can multitask. It is also safe to say the way things have been going on the web there is little you will need to do with traditional software in the future because more and more software is being exported to the web. – on-line image editor – open office for the web!

2 Busy 2 Blog

To say that I have been busy would be extremely modest. I have been overwhelmingly busy. I recently setup a blog for what will soon be Wurgler Properties. Jerry has been busy purchasing land in south Omaha and then gutting it and redesigning it! He has been working with several investors and they will be selling Condos as early as December. I have been helping them with marketing here and there. I must say Jerry has done an extremely good job at interior decorating. I am looking forward to seeing all the before and after photos on their blog showing the progression of the properties. I have also been working on creating a cd-rom for wurgler properties as a promotional and informational piece (still in it’s early beta phase)! I have also scooped up a contract to redo the Sisters of Mercy Higher Education Conference site. This site will allow blogging, chat, bulletin boards, and informational content for the Sisters of Mercy. In short this site will be used as a communication tool for institutions for Higher Learning from here to Rhode Island! So it is a big deal and I am looking forward to implementing it in the near future! I will also be doing some advertising in the Reader soon for my side projects 🙂


Wurgler Properties Beta

Wugler Properties CD-ROM beta 150mb

Past Three Years Work History

This is a history of the past three years @ the College of Saint Mary so if you are wondering just what my job entails you will now know. I have chaired web committee for the past two years and I have strived to pull the College in many ways and I think anyone who would like to know can find this information extremely informative. I have always exceeded my goals and I will continue to do just that.

Web Committee Minutes Detail

Performance Goals 2003-2004
Performance Goals 2004-2005
Performance Goals 2005-2006

Schizophrenic Kitty and Vista

Well I know now Windows vista isn’t that cool and I think my cat Franz is having mental breakdowns. He keeps chasing his shadow I really don’t know why… This house should be strictly Ubuntu and Apple maybe Franz will stop chasing his shadow… It’s a leap…

Well I have had windows Vista beta installed for sometime now and I must say I am very disappointed. It rarely works to begin with and it lacks new features. I can honestly say Vista is as disappointing as Windows Millennium or 95′ it is that bug ridden. I also had the unfortunate experience of waking up to find out it would no longer work with my KVM switch after an update:(. So obviously I am almost on the bandwagon to boycott it entirely. It is not a good product at all, I will however install the latest RC1 and give it a try.

I am also a big fan of Ubuntu Linux. It has numerous features that include auto updates of all or most software installed. It just works to put it simply. I would rate ubuntu over SUSE 10 and Red Hat. Ubuntu also has a large user base and you can even get some of those windows programs ported over! Ubuntu has been getting a great deal of good press and it is not hard to find! So if you have a chance install Ubuntu and give it a try it is well worth your time!

iPortal contest well you asked… My submission to this project is listed below I personally think many of the tasks of installing server technology especially when it comes to open source technology should be rolled into a one-click process and should supply a great deal more bang for your buck. People would be surprised with what one can do with open source most people think open = trash that simply is not true. One of my submissions for is listed below:

The ultimate development environment! It is a one-click install of premium open source web development environments and tools. The user would auto-magically have Apache 2, SQL Lite, MySQL, PHP 4 + 5, Tomcat Catlina (with Mod JK), J2EE, Ruby on Rails, OpenLazlo, MotionTwin, and Dejango all running off the get-go! This technology would also be integrated! (Also be housed in one main directory) It would also have a control panel for starting and stopping processes and quick access to log files. To get users developing and creating right away it would also have a base install of several web applications ex. Drupal, PHPmyAdmin, Typo, awstats, webalizer, etc. The control panel would be very much like the Sherlock App but for the local server. Because it would be a server and administrated by the user the user would be able to create their own blog on their computer and upload it later on a server (if they chose too). They could also opt not to upload it.

iPortal / iWeb what makes it different
Well for beginners it is a server and then some. The two programs would be compatible! With iPortal the user would also be able to display their site locally. iPortal would also have the ability to search the wifi areas for other iPortals. What functionality would this provide? iPortal will have a built in social network so users can collaborate so users can join other networks! iPortal would also make your music library accessible if one enabled it to display and other users would be able to write comments on the songs and rate them. Etc..

Blogging Tools Glore!
Their would be a blogging tool that would use rpc (remote procedure call) and would be able to simultaneously (according to how a user configured it) post items on the iportal server and on iMac, blogger, dig, Slashdot, mySpace, etc.. The blogging tools would also teach the user a little about how to generate code. It would be able to link multimedia content on their own personal iPortal web server through the use of a wizard. It would also allow them to remotely link to items (it would integrate into browsers as a plugin for Firefox as an option or stand alone). The blogging tool would have integration between other flagship products of apple like iPhoto and Garage Band. It could also have the ability to capture video using the built in cameras and streaming it over their users iPortal if they chose to. It would also allow users to create their very own widget and distribute it for their web sites.

In Short
iPortal would be developed to attract not only bloggers but developers to the Apple platform. It would make social networking a breeze! It would also encourage newbies to become developers by having and encouraging more hands on code experience! It would also make their scrapbooking, basic blogging extremely easy therefore increasing their productivity. The collaboration tools that are built in would make it a must have for coffee shop goers or college students!

Feel Free 2 Digg It

Free Illustration Programs

Xara Xtreme

Has a host of features and it is supported in any operating system environment. It is easy to use and install. I would recommend it for beginner designers and season pros. It also allows for illustrator file imports so that is a plus in my book. You can design anything from graphical user interfaces to a campus news letter. I would recommend it to anyone using Linux who desires a decent illustration / Vector program! Quick Introduction!


Bryce 5

Well for those of you out there that might not now from now until September 6 you can download Bryce 5 for free. Bryce is a relatively inexpensive 3D terrain generator. You can also use Bryce to create short animations or create a simple abstract illustration.. It is a decent product but lacks the ability to export into any major package like 3ds Max or Maya. It is relatively easy to use so if you want to experiment with some 3d you might want to download it!


A Million Directions

Lately I seem to be a jack of all trades but luckily I am still master of one the web. We have been busy, busy here at the college. We are finally done with enrollment and I can see a point of normalcy coming in the distance. I am looking forward to playing with our new sharepoint / IQ Web Portal server. I think it will greatly enhance things for faculty and staff here at the college. We have also been busy with the end of construction and wrapping up those loose ends. I had to set threw a presentation on how to use the Niagara Framework. We have a relatively cool maintenance package here at the college. I am now 100% confident I can change the temperature throughout the college if I had to. We have also been preparing to install CS Gold enterprise edition so our Campus Card project is coming along a great deal; especially when you consider this is the same type of Package Iowa State University uses. So even though I am extremely busy I do believe it will slow down in the foreseeable future!