To say that I have been busy would be extremely modest. I have been overwhelmingly busy. I recently setup a blog for what will soon be Wurgler Properties. Jerry has been busy purchasing land in south Omaha and then gutting it and redesigning it! He has been working with several investors and they will be selling Condos as early as December. I have been helping them with marketing here and there. I must say Jerry has done an extremely good job at interior decorating. I am looking forward to seeing all the before and after photos on their blog showing the progression of the properties. I have also been working on creating a cd-rom for wurgler properties as a promotional and informational piece (still in itโ€™s early beta phase)! I have also scooped up a contract to redo the Sisters of Mercy Higher Education Conference site. This site will allow blogging, chat, bulletin boards, and informational content for the Sisters of Mercy. In short this site will be used as a communication tool for institutions for Higher Learning from here to Rhode Island! So it is a big deal and I am looking forward to implementing it in the near future! I will also be doing some advertising in the Reader soon for my side projects ๐Ÿ™‚


Wurgler Properties Beta

Wugler Properties CD-ROM beta 150mb