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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have been busy working; too busy to blog for the most part. I have sunk a significant amount of time in developing a new type of CMS ihang10.com it has many new features that most standard cms do not possess. In doing so I have been following the MVC pattern utilized by CakePHP, I have also been integrating SWX into the project so I can create a flash / flash lite interface for the application later. I have been taking notes on the creation of the project to server later as a proof of concept for what can be quickly accomplished utilizing various open source packages together and going into detail of the various design patterns that have been utilized for the creation of this project. So drop me an e-mail and I might let you peak at this new application. I personally am excited about the possibilities that this application presents.

You may have heard me talking about creating a customized Ubuntu distribution. I have done just that by utilizing a new utility remastersys. I will make it available for download in the near future. I have been playing around ubuntu on one of my spare boxes for awhile attempting to create the perfect build. Which of course takes hours careful planning and of course the opportunity for failure a thousand times over. The image I am working on creating and I do have one image currently built that works so so. I have been testing it on multiple boxes. One thing I can say is it will be a dvd. It will have the following packages built in:

Developer: Mono Develop tools, Adobe Flash plugin, Eclipse, Anjunta IDE, etc., BlueFish

Communication & Office: Thunder Bird, aMSN, Evolution, OpenOffice, etc..

Designer: GIMP, Blender, Xara Xtreme, Ktoons, CinePaint

Server: Xampp, CakePHP, Java, Neko VM, Drupal, Wordpress, eyeOS, Joomla, etc. ? Starts automatically from load.

Emulation: Znes, DsEmu, Gens, QEMU, Virtual Box, etc.

Wine-Doors: Direct X9, IE6+7, Shockwave, SEPY Action Script Editor, Windows Media Player, QuickTime

I have several reasons for creating this distribution. I will use it; I need something that has the tools I use built in I don?t like installing a fresh ubuntu. It will be easy to use for beginners; I have been writing some tutorials with various examples of code and I want people to easily be able to replicate what I have done on their local machine. It will also be a good learning tool for newbie?s in general. I believe Linux has a great deal to offer consumers and developers I would like to use this to demonstrate some of the things I have learned and allow people to view how I have implemented what I have learned. It will also be useful if you are simply lazy don?t want to go thru the work of installing and configuring these packages. This distribution will allow people to use the liveDVD or thumb drive to test drive linux for fun in your freetime:)!

In short I would like to eventually offer my notes and tutorials for creating your own CMS with CakePHP and SWX on a book from LuLu.com and offer it for sale or download an ebook pdf. I would also like my custom distribution to compliment this offer. So that is more than enough work to keep me busy in short for the next year and a half without blogging at all.

A great deal of people give Linux a hard time but one of my reasons for using it is because of its potential. Linux might not get lots of people excited but I do believe people in the near future will be using linux for smaller devices like Cell Phones but certainly not limited to just cell phones. Google has release Android SDK and it seems to have a great deal of support at the moment. I have been tinkering around a great deal with my Linux machine and I have been able to create a few builds for some of my friend?s kids they have a machine that runs on minimal hardware but is chuck full of games and various programs they can experiment with. I have also had fun playing around with Myth. In the near future because of hardware scaling I also think it is important to experiment with Linux and old hardware to attempt to build a useful system out of someone?s former trash. You would be surprised with what you can create and I do see embedded Linux being used for all kinds of things certainly not limited to cell phones in the near future.

On the work front things are going very well for me at InfoUSA. I enjoy working on SalesGenie.com! InfoUSA is also grooming me for software engineering:). I have been spending a great deal of time learning the ins and outs of C# and applying what I have learned about object oriented programming! I enjoy C# and love its possibilities. I also like playing around with Mono as well. I am also now a member of MSDN so I have access to a great deal of downloads like Silverlight ? Expression Blend. I do not see it taking over flash in the near future. I do believe in this field it is a necessity to utilize new technologies quickly and learn strengths of various software packages. One of the things I strive to do is make applications that will work on any platform regardless of the OS. I am please M$ is making IE8 Acid Test 2 compliant. This will make css much easier although I do know all the workarounds for IE6 and IE7 anyone having difficulty with css is more than welcomed to drop me an email. I can hack just about anything to work on any platform.

It is finally Christmas time and all my shopping is done. Lisa and I have been busy preparing for the holiday season and getting gifts for all of our family and friends has been a time consuming effort! I am looking forward to spending extra time with family and friends (oh and Cosmo and Franz our pet friends at home). So we wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:)

Videos I Digg

UTF-8 Madness

CakePHP with Automagic RSS is sweet but before you run off and install it by following the instructions found on the bakery page. You should be aware of a few issues. One make sure all your PHP Views, Models, and Controllers are space free. I would suggest saving them as UTF-8 no ?BOMS?. One space will kill your rss feed (puts the fun bus up on blocks) and it can be extremely difficult to track down depending where you are at in your application development process. You should also be aware that the FeedCreator.class.php has some minor changes you might want to make. I would make sure all the encoding is done in UTF-8 for consistency. The class currently contains instructions for encoding in ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15. I would simply do a search and change them to UTF-8. Then you can enjoy all of the benefits of using the feedcreator class! Feedcreator makes it a breeze in PHP to create RSS 0.91, 1.0 or 2.0, ATOM 0.3 and OPML 1.0 feeds!

Just what is a MashUp

Mashup (web application hybrid), a web application that combines data and/or functionality from more than one source.
The next wave of web applications will use existing services to mix and match information. With web 2.0 you had AJAX and SOA. We now have many web pages that offer services to developers this allows us to consumer the information from those services on our websites! There is no need to reinvent the wheel. All we have to do is hitch a ride and develop some code that mixes those services. Even google is mashing their own content. Web 3.0 will also utilize mobile devices. Think about this you have a facebook event you map it with google maps and you have your phone remind you of the event.


The Rainbows End…

What does web 2.0 do for artists and musicians. It will eliminate all the middlemen. Over a nice frosty glass of suds Raffal and I discussed the eminent death of the middlemen last Friday @ Sullivans. Look what Radiohead has gone and done with In RainBows they have said sionora to their label and offered their latest album for free or pay. They have already sold approximately 1.2 Million records at roughly $2 a record. OK what does that mean? They split up the profits and call it good. They are making all the money not the label! Just look around with youtube moving towards advertising artist will be able to sell ads and make money off of videos too. This will ultimately lead to more freedom for the artists and more profit. Oh and NIN, Oasis, Madonna, and Jamiroquai or all thinking about following! See you later RIAA guess you guys will be jobless?.

Oh and for those of you who haven’t got it yet MTV is dead if you want to watch music videos you now have to go to YouTube.com. It is better you only have to watch the videos that don’t suck.

it is all cake…

Well I have been very busy working on my blogging engine. I have made great progress! The basic blogging engine is working and I am currently working on special features that utilize various apis… Think mash-up. I currently have many working examples. I will need to add a great deal of polish because it is still very rough but it is getting their! I can give you access if you request it. It will be a “web 3.0 application”..

I have also installed the gusty gibbon and it flys. It has the best support for graphics cards out of the box, I have ever seen on Linux. It is lightning fast and wonderful to use in general. So if you have not tried out ubuntu yet I strongly suggest giving it a try it. I thought Fiesty Fawn was great but the latest version of Ubnutu is by far the easiest to use and most efficient version yet.


i-create what is it? Hey its a totally free friends networking service. You can:

1.create a buddy list
2.chat with other users on-line
3.create an image gallery
5.you have a calendar to invite people to events
6.all of the information is syndicated through rss
7.upload files
8.create polls
9.News Aggregation with hundreds of different news sources

Why is it free? Because i-create is built by the people for the people. This space is not only mine but yours as well. I want people to create meaningful rich content. I also want the people on here to play well with others, share experiences, laugh, and live life to its fullest. The gauge for content is could your mother or child read this and find it exceptable? Hopefully the answer is yes! I encourage creatives and others as well to embrace i-create. I have been sitting here wondering, what is it that I need to do to have more people on here creating content? Do I need to actually show a video on just how easy it is to use??? This has more features than blogger.com. I also protect my flock from lame users. I reserve the right to ban anyones ip without any questions and or delete a user completely. So if you are alright with the gauge rules than please come out and play all day.

Well I am sorry about the down time experienced recently. The site was down due to problems with the Database everything thing is now back up and ready to go. I have also been working somewhat on a new Project OmaLinc.com. I have also been working on several other side projects that will be coming to light within the next few weeks. I am looking forward to sharing them with you. So please do sign up this site will continue to gather more members and have more features added to it!!

–Sincerely, Brendon Smith

CakePHP and More

Well it?s official I am no longer a consultant at infoUSA now I am the graphical user interface developer for SalesGenie. This of course keeps me extremely busy. I have also been busy learning all the ins and outs of .NET and C#. I have been busy reading numerous books on OOP (object oriented programming). I have also decided that I need to transition all my applications to my own CMS. I have decided that many of the open source solutions simply will not do what it is that I want them to do. So I have been spending much of my time using the CakePHP framework. It was a tough decision. I do like Ruby on Rails but I believe there are more benefits of using a PHP based framework. I love Drupal, Mambo, and Wordpress, you may wonder why I have chosen to spend time to create my own CMS, because all the current CMS are spaghetti code. I am tiered of trying to fix problems. I really like what CakePHP has to offer here are some of the numerous benefits of using CakePHP, Model View Controller, Scaffolding, Service Oriented Architecture is easy to setup, you can easily create RSS feeds, AMFPHP, SWX, just to mention a few. I have also been intrigued lately by IBM?s project QEDwiki. I believe by using CakePHP I will be able to accomplish my goals quicker. I have also been working on creating MashUPs.

It has been a good summer we recently hosted a German Foreign Exchange student and it was a blast. It was sad to see Stefe leave but Lisa and I plan on going to Germany to see her hopefully within the next year. I do believe we Americanized Stefe and we definitely showed here how cool Omaha is. While Stefe was here we took her camping in South Dakota (oh and the Corn Palace was a blast), Taco Riding, Bar hoping (Sullivan's and of course the Homey Inn), Henry Dourly Zoo, etc?. Please feel free to check out the German Period in my scrapbook.

In recent news Littleton Alston completed his ?On to the Wings of Angles? sculpture. I was very pleased to see it dedicated on September 11, 2007. I actually helped cast (small help in the project) many of the hands that were used to create the globe on the sculpture. It is a truly beautiful work of art and the public is of course overwhelmingly happy with it. I really enjoy Littletons work and it is obvious why he is one of the best sculptors in the Midwest. I am proud to be a part of the project and seeing the sculpture in Omaha is a constant reminder of hard work, dedication, community, a monument to the people who lost their lives..

Oh and by the way looks like apple iphone is going very well for them rumor has it apple will be releasing a mini-tablet, umpc, or you know Newton 2.0 who knows if it is true or not. I honestly could see more small devices from them working out well. They do seem to have a very good eco system developed around their products. I have recently switched to IBM's Lotus Symphony! You know they are joining the open source community. Once you use lotus you might not want to go back to office check out the interface:

It is a good stable product that will definetly help out the open source community.

Flash News: Have you seen Sandy 3.0? Check it out you can even import a .wrl file. I think Sandy 3d is an excelent library. Flash has been becoming a 3d boom town. There are numerous code examples of importing .wad files and quake maps just look around. I will go into more detail when I get a chance at stArcade9.com.

700 mhz of Google

It is about someone else steped into wireless and let consumers do as they please. Just look at how arrogant these companies have become over the years sprint evidently believes they have the right to fire their customers. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2007-07-09-sprint-disconnects-customers_N.htm If that isn't bad enough you have the old ma bell companies trying to double charge for broadband usage.. http://www.google.com/help/netneutrality.html They have also made development for wireless more difficult and challenging than it needs to be. It would be nice as a consumer to simply buy a device on connect it to a network and not be tied up with stuff like well does that network support the device? Oh and if it does support the device what all can I do with that device?? To put it simply google is attempting to make the wireless market more like the internet you pay for service connect the device and do what ever you want to with it. Makes sense to me. The point is AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are all in an uproar because google could very well change their market forever. They would no longer have the strangle hold on the market. This would open new markets for new compainies in short provide a platform for innovation. Networks should be open. The MA Bell companines are just afraid to play ball after all they are used to owning the game. Google also has alsbeen purchasing dark phiber around the country would be an excellent wireless / ip provider…


a new theoretical prototype of the google phone


Update: Well the FCC met their requests half way hopefully so I guess they won't be getting the 4.6 billion from google but on the other hand hopefully google just ends up purchasing all the spectrum. It would be nice to see what they will do with it. Google has also recently been developing a cell phone. It will be intresting to see what they do with their cell phone.



Radio Free World! Save Net Radio..

Well it seems the death of on-line radio is near so I guess you kiss all of that free content good by. Although I think we are all bright enough to invent something similar and call it something else. Podcasts are exceptionally handy especially when it comes to learning new information or learning about new technologies in general. Check out dig podcasts it’s happening! I also have really been digging on Odeo lately you can simply find what you want to listen to when you want to listen to it. It has all the hippest music and podcasts:) I also highly recommend checking out Last.FM and Pandora:).

What I have been listening too..

powered by ODEO

Hip Links:

Haxe – Papervision 3d

Apollo has recently been renamed as AIR which is pretty cool because AIR is rich Internet application spelled backwards! Expectations are very high for flash lite 3 it is rumored to have flv support which is huge, if you are a developer you should also be aware that you can embedded your flash lite content in BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) in short flash lite is becoming a standard. The latest beta update for the flash player adds mip-map support. This comes in especially handy when you factor in the recent popups of numerous full 3d API implementations for action script! PaperVision 3d is currently adding the mip-map support to speed up its 3d flash-rendering engine!

To be quite honest the open flash community has become a hot bed of activity I highly recommend looking at it. There was recently an open source convention on-line you can find the screen casts at the following link. In short there are a slew of wonderful projects under way for example Haxe which has full implementation of Action Script 3 can publish for any flash player it also has support for flex as well you can use Haxe with flash develop or eclipse (You will notice on the screen cast of the OSFlash conference the debate between the two). Haxe also has a virtual machine that you can easily add to your Apache server Haxe also has api for Java Script and Open GL. I personally asked Nicholas about implementing Silverlight and he did say that if it became popular enough it would be added into the project. Your probably sitting their and thinking so what I like about the Haxe project in particular is its ability to be a CLR or common language runtime for RIA there are numerous platforms to develop for now with the advent of Java FX and Silverlight. I should also be noted that the mono project has already brought Silverlight to Linux in the form of Moonlight. Although these non-adobe platforms have eons of catching up to do it is good to have some competition in the field to ensure the products stay good and continue to be cutting edge.

Adobe has also hosted a website of their own that promotes open source software the RIA forge and flex has come along way if your not aware the latest flash player halves the amount of time it takes to load flex projects thanks to its caching ability. One open source project that I would like to point out is Tweener for animation and Gia for building a quick framework. Action Script 3 is considerably more flexible than 2 ever was and it is nice to pass animations and other tasks to xml this helps flash for over all supportability. There are also a slew of open source action script libraries out their for developers to use for example Mike Chambers library that allows developers to create mashups with Odeo, Youtube, Delicious, etc.. You can also find open source libraries for flash physics engines so the open flash community has a firm footing. You can also find a great article on OpenFlash on how to integrate flash into firefox extensions. I am also very cuious to see the tarmin project in action; on a side note for those who do not know Firefox three will have sqlite built in to it from the install 🙂

I have also recently heard numerous rumors of Director 11 my question is after 3 years without a release do they still have a devoted fan fare? Why is adobe bothering to tout this as a their premium platform? I would hope if it does come out it has premium extensions for flash in creating 3d content and will push the flash platform further I do not see the need in the future to keep pushing the shockwave player. It has been a good tool for years but in my humble opinion has seen its day. I think adobe should pull the good features of director and incoperate them into flash. They could use director to extend flash authoring sound tools with maybe an extension for sound analysis, they could also supply premium flash video effects and extension not to mention the fact they need a developer tool to push AIR out they could put a host of extensions that make AIR easily integrated into the desktop. I belive and hope this is the area they concentrate on for Director 11 and I see as the only viable option.

Earlier I mention flash lite well I was recently disappointed with the fact that the iPhone will not support flash. I personally think this is huge slam for the developers and apple is hindering the amount of adoption as a result of their decision. I guess I will have to wait for version 2.0. The irony of the whole thing is that adobe is supporting the iPhone developer conference hopefully they can show the apple people the light 🙂

I have also been diligently working on my own web developer distro of Ubuntu I will hopefully have the live cd for download soon it is a live dvd based off of studio ubuntu it will have flash 9 support, haxe support, eclipse, bluefish, opera, wine, ntfs support, automatrix preinstalled, a host of emulators and video games, cinepaint, pixel editor demo, a in short it will have a host of tools of the get go not to mention the server will work of the bootJ It will have preinstalled copies of drupal, wordpress, liferay, pligg and other highly useful open source content management systemsJ So I think people will enjoy it. If you haven?t noticed lately google has been ramping up its rhetoric on M$ monopoly of the desktop I would almost expect them to release their own operating system for free based off of Linux if so Linux would finally have the name brand support as a desktop primed for the masses. This could really through a wrench into the Microsoft model especially when you consider the fact that google has developed their own compatible office suite for free you can even use it off line with google gears. So watch out Microsoft a paradigm shift is around the corner?.

Useful Links:

http://homepage.mac.com/nephilim/sw3ddev/ Shockwave resource
http://www.osflash.org/ofla2 – Recoded Sessions @ the bottom
http://www.mail-archive.com/osflash@osflash.org/msg01296.html http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/ActionScript_3:resources:apis:libraries
http://www.kanzelsberger.com/pixel/?page_id=12 -Handy Image Editor Pixel
http://www.osflash.org/tweener Tweener Lib
http://www.gaiaflashframework.com/ Gia

Microsoft and FUD

FUD: was first defined by Gene Amdahl after he left IBM to found his own company, Amdahl Corp. : “FUD is the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that IBM sales people instill in the minds of potential customers who might be considering Amdahl products.” [1] The term has also been attributed to veteran Morgan Stanley computer analyst Ulrich Weil, though it had already been used in other contexts as far back as the 1920s. [2] [3]

As Eric S. Raymond writes: “The idea, of course, was to persuade buyers to go with safe IBM gear rather than with competitors’ equipment. This implicit coercion was traditionally accomplished by promising that Good Things would happen to people who stuck with IBM, but Dark Shadows loomed over the future of competitors’ equipment or software. After 1991 the term has become generalized to refer to any kind of disinformation used as a competitive weapon.” [4]

By spreading questionable information about the drawbacks of less well known products, an established company can discourage decision-makers from choosing those products over its wares, regardless of the relative technical merits. This is a recognized phenomenon, epitomized by the traditional axiom of purchasing agents that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM equipment”. The result is that many companies’ IT departments buy software that they know to be technically inferior because upper management is more likely to recognize the brand .

Well Microsoft has recently stated that Linux is in violation of 235 patents..  Personally I just think it is an attempt to extort money out of Canonical and Red Hat.  Microsoft is one of those companies that honestly patents anything under the sun.  For example they have a patent for tabbed browsing..  Everyone knows that tabbed browsing was made popular by Firefox.  Many people have different opinions in matters like this one thing is clear we do need patent reform.   Linus recently stated that Microsoft was actually in violation of 532 patens.  Linux is hear to stay and Microsoft should come up with a new marketing plan other than FUD and Extortion to deal with Linux.  Anyone who has actually used the latest Ubuntu build is well aware of what a slick and efficient operating system it is.  One thing is sure it would be ironic if Microsoft went the way of SCO

Everyones Doing it

Well everyone knows that Vector graphic layouts is where it is at! Microsoft recently released it’s silverlight project and hot on it’s heals sun just made an announced it’s Java FX adobe recently made an announced the Flex SDK will be open sourced. In my opinion adobe clearly has the advantages here because flash has the tightest integration with multimedia authoring tools and adobe owns some of the best codecs for video period hands down. Not to mention flash has been around longer. I am glad to see the competition heat up this will only make all the products better! I am also ecstatic to see they are all being open sourced! Flash/Flex SDK, Silverlight, and Java FX will all be open source. You may be wondering what makes these products significant. The fact that plug-ins eliminate many of the issues and pitfalls of cross browser scripting (the kind you have when using AJAX). Bandwidth is no longer an issue, and mobile phones becoming more and more like PDA/Laptops. It is now a race to create the ideal programming environment that is both efficient and capable of giving the user interface some eye candy (video, 3D, etc.); it is also essential for this experience to be shared among a number of devices for example a cell phone; Ultra Mobil PC, PC, etc… Microsoft is making an attempt to broaden its’ market by open sourcing silverlight and the Mono project has plans for porting over silverlight to create an open source version of Silverlight for Linux but Microsoft is at a disadvantage here the competitors already have their runtimes working in Linux both Adobe and Sun already have opened their source and currently have runtimes for all operating systems and devices. I do believe the competition is good it will only make the products better in the long term.

Let Your Creativity Fly

Well it is finally out. I have been working on upgrading my Ubuntu box. I am now using ubuntu to run my home network 🙂 I set up Samba and a 400GB share so the four other home computers can link to it. I have also been working on Amaork to setup all my audio files as a iTunes share for the network and I have also been pondering setting up a shortwave radio station so I can transmit my signals to other people (near future). Right now though I have started working on my own customized version of UbuntuStudio that will be on a thumb / dvd live cd! I will include wine, Flash 9, Java, Eclipse, Tomcat, Apache, and Ruby on Rails. I will also be using wine to run some Action Script editors that are tied into Motion Twin. I will also be placing some of my personal files on the OS so other people can examine my code snippets. For all of the video game fans I will also be installing emulators to run PlayStation, N64, SuperNintendo, NES, Sega Master and Genesis! So I will be looking forward to placing it as a download once it is complete I believe it will take me a couple of months to configure it properly 🙂 I highly recomend the Ubuntu Studio it is by far the slickest distro built yet.

Santa Cruz Was a Blast!

Well I have placed our photos from vacation in the Gallery section. California was beautiful as usual. We spent a day in San Francisco and went to the Palace of Legions. We also spent time in Monterey, Big Sur, and Carmel while we were in California. I think one of the high lights for me was taking Lisa to eat at Shadowbrook in Capitola. It was an excellent dinning experience and I strongly suggest anyone that visits that area to have dinner there and at the Crows Nest 🙂 We are all settled back home now and we also hosted a couple of wild and crazy guys (couch surfers) from Vanderbilt College in Tennessee they were a pleasure to share Omaha with and this evening we are grilling out for some close friends 🙂

Adobe Open Sources Flex!

Adobe announced today it has plans to make Flex open source. This will of course help ensure Adobe wins the RIA platform race. M$ might make silverlight an open source project but I strongly doubt it (they will probably announce how Zunes can now play pac-man). They have an announcement coming out at MIX. Adobe already has all the developer tools that integrate well together. Flex since its release has seen slow adoption. Now that it is open source it will be sure to be popping up all over the web. This is great because anyone who has studied or used flex knows it is capable of making extremely intuitive applications that is simply unmatched in any other platform on the web!

Adobe Announces Flex Going Open Source
Open Flex Source Files

Flash For Drupal and WordPress

Anyone who has designed in flash knows first hand what a pleasure it is and how nice the results can be. Flash has come a long way since future splash and it shows. A number of people in the open source community have been developing flash skins for everyones favorite content management systems namely Drupal and WordPress! Drupal recently added Services module with version 5 makes configuration a breeze!

You can find an excellent article by Justin Girard here on how to integrate drupal with Flex using amfphp!

For those of you in the wordpress camp you can also enjoy a flash front-end!

Drupal and Wordpress developers have also been working on an extension that integrates the administration featuers directly into firefox with




Through the use of amf-php it would also be a good idea to develop an Apollo authoring application.


Side Note on M$ Silver Pile of Poo:

Lets make it simple it is not cross platform otherwise it would support Linux. You don’t even get all the advatages of using it if you are an Apple user. It is simply too little too late for microsoft. I personally wish they would stick with their operating system and not bother with creative applications that should be left to the professionals at Adobe. Maybe with their free time they could make ie7 better..

11Years of Flash – Long Live Flash!

Other Cool Sites:


Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn

The latest release of Ubuntu was released today Fiesty Fawn 7.04! Ubuntu has also been creating a studio addition of it operating system. It will be perfect for creative professionals (should be out in a few days)! The latest version will come complete with Video, Audio, Image, Vector, Print, and 3d editing and designing tools. I am especially looking forward to it being released. I have been working on my Ubuntu box diligently. I have been adding all the essential web developer tools. Also it should be noted Ubuntu now has a partnership with sun. I would like to customize the Studio addition upon release. I plan on adding creating my own customized distro based on Studio Ubuntu. I will be adding built in Apache, Tomcat, Eclipse, Webalizer, Zenoss, and many other web developer features. I also plan on adding a great deal of addons for firefox right off the bat with support for flash 9 etc.. I also plan on integrating WINE into the studio cd allowing people to use free tools like SE|PY Editior and Flash Develop. I will also be adding built in support for games who would like to play classic Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Dos classic games. Ubuntu has been growing and Intel has plans to integrate ubuntu into some of its ultra mobile pcs! I am developing this as a DVD / Flash Drive customized distro and will make it available for download. I will also be using it as a piece for my portfolio it will also include some of my personal files for use and observation.

YouTube Videos Ubuntu + Beryl

Where the Real WOW is:

Side Note on FireFox:

People do work for free and it does benefit us all. Firefox three will set the standard for browsers. Firefox three will pass acid test two and it will implement many new features placing it years ahead of IE one of those features will be the use of SQLite. SQLite will be integrated into the browser it will make it easier to manage bookmarks. Etc..

SQLite what is that good for? Well it for starters wouldn’t it be nice to actually search your favorites. It will make organizing your favorites easier. Firefox will also save some web pages for offline browsing. I would imagine you would be able to use SQLite for a number of other purposes as well.

Firefox 3 will also have many features for offline users. I guess what I am getting at is firefox is building their own runtime and it will be able to sync online applications:)

FireFox Runtime Enviorment:

Well ok Sounds nice what does that mean for me?

Well imagine you are using Google office and you are off line? What happened to all your presentations, spreadsheets, and documents? Will they disappear? No. That’s the point FireFox is preparing to help manage applications that exist both on the web and on the desktop (or Mobile Device). Microsoft and Adobe are preparing to do the same with their runtime environments namely M$’s SilverLight and Adobe’s Apollo.

FireFox will also be standards compliant it will pass Acid Test 2 and follow in the footsteps of Knoqueror, Safari, and Opera. Firefox 3 is also expanding its supports for addons and plugins.


i-create now on DreamHost!

Well I am not done configuring this site but I am getting closer.? I installed a sweet flash chat system, and Gallery.? This web site now has more features than it ever had before!? I will continue to work on it but it is getting their!? I will am also working on a custom version of Ubuntu to distribute my portfolio and to show what you can do with it!? It will be a dvd or jump drive version that will come equipped with various emulators for older nintendo, sega, dos, and amiga games.? It will also have a host of web developer tools and Apache and Tomcat off the get go..? Lisa and I are also going to California soon!

CS3 and Apollo

Well it looks like the people at adobe are finally integrating the macromedia folks and by the end of the month we should have some new killer apps to play with. For those of you out their that don?t know Adobe has been doing some really revolutionary things lately. They have begun to take their apps to the web. Just take a look at PhotoBucket.com and the integration with adobes on-line video editor remix. Adobe has also made it clear they are interested in multiple models of distribution. So I guess what I am getting at is PhotoBucket is not going to be the only social network with adobes on-line editing tools. This is excellent news for all the budding social networks out there. Adobe is also working on placing a Photoshop app on the web as well with an advertising model to support it to compete more directly with Googles Picasa! So you may be wondering what else you can expect out of Adobe and CS 3. Well for starters you may have heard the latest rumors of the new version of Flash. You may have heard people talking about new abilities to turn frame based animations into action script with the click of a button. Does that sound good to you that is just for starters no question about it Action Script 3 is what flash developers have been carving for since Flash 3. If you have downloaded the Beta I recommend you try it! I personally am anxious to see what they do with DreamWeaver lets hope for an overhaul of the CSS tools and maybe some Spry Ajax integration.

Adobe has also been rumored to be working on a Windows Platform Killer called Apollo. You may be wonder just what is Apollo?

Apollo will be used to create a hybrid applications that are truly cross platform (that Includes Linux). You will be able to use your desktop horse power to make changes to video and image files while saving them on-line. It will also have a host of other features as well. In short I expect this application to kill off applications like MDM studio and other methods of creating flash applications on the desktop. Apollo will also integrate more with the applications suites adobe already hasJ So Apollo is definitely worth checking out and I would expect to see some pleasant surprises in the Adobe Labs relatively soon! So check out some of the rumors for yourself:

http://news.com.com/Adobe+sees+its+future+on+the+Web/2008-1012_3-6164143.html?tag=st.num http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=2544 http://www.whatisinthebox.co.uk/

Flash9 and Action Script 3

Well Action Script 3 is quite a revolution! Check out PaperVision3D! PaperVision is a 3d engine for Flash that uses XML or Collada files. It looks extremely powerful and you can now expect flash to boldly go where no other web plugin has gone before (Well no other plugin has that kind of penetration). It is also nice to see that Adobe has handed over the Flash Virtual Machine code to the FireFox foundation. Just what does this mean to you well for starters flash will truly be cross platform. I am also anxious to see it used in new ways that were previously not thought of. Thinking of FireFox Check out some of Alessandro Crugnola firefox extensions.


Crugnola also has an extremely useful open source editor you can use to create .swf files if you good at coding Action Script it also has Motion Twin integrated into the application so you can actually build and test your .swf files. In short the web is looking better and better as a platform for applications, video, and interactive media. Adobe has some great things in store for us so keep a vigilant eye out on what is on the horizon.YouTube Apollo Videos