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i-create V2

Well I have decided to migrate my blog to wordpress 2.5.1 and I am pretty happy with it. I have cleaned up the database fixed numerous UTF-8/Latin encoding issues (got rid of 99% of the weird squiggly characters). I have decided that in wordpress there is beauty in simplicity (Sometimes less is more). I still […]

Surf the Learning Curve

So what is the purpose of ihang10 anyway? Well it is built to supply the user with a deluge of information that is always updated through the use of various recursive functions. The user will be able to share, tag, email, embed, sms, post on multiple blogs with one click, and instant message the content. In the end it is simple it will harness information that is already in the public domain allow the user to mix it and add to (will automatically site source) it. The interface will in the end be highly customizable and available easily on a variety of multiple devices. This application will also allow the users to add other locations that they may need to authenticate against to post items and share items. It will harness social networks like, twitter, facebook, and Open Social. It will exist solely to gather information from other sources and allow the user to utilize multiple web applications at one time. It will also allow the users to modify the way the application works allowing them to add their own rss, feeds, etc.. The reason for me spending so much time on this is simple I want to use it. It will also increase the traffic for my other sites and once a user signs up they will also have access to all of my other web sites effectively increasing the traffic flow I am also going to spend more time adding ad content to my sites by using googles web services. I have spent several months working on it and it is only a prototype but the best features I assure you, you are not seeing them yet. So be patient come back and one of these days it will be complete!.
In recent news O’Reilly declared the web is the platform and it is. So what does that mean well if you got used to things being the way they currently are don’t! You’re in for some really radical changes on the way the web works within the next few years. Web Services combined with RIA (rich internet applications) will re-invent the web to be analogous to your current desktop. Devices will get extremely small and your applications will exist in the cloud (as mentioned several times below on this blog). Just look around there are api’s to utilize all sorts of web tools and applications if you are a developer there is no longer the need to recreate the wheel simply re-organize the information give people the ability to place it several places where they need it. Microsoft has released their LiveMesh tool that will allow people to easily remote desktop and share information between devices and store some information in the cloud. I am also aware they are developing RedDog their answer to AppEngine and Amazon Webservices. Yahoo is also rumored to be swinging their doors wide open as well. I think shared webhosting the way developers think of it now will be dead within the next 5 to 10 years. With Amazon Webservice you can actually build a Linux image and vpn to the image. It will not be long until their competitors do the same.
If you look at some of the projects I have interest in especially those that allow manipulation of eXtensible markup language (XML). They work in a manner that is very similar to Web Service Manipulation tools. For example you have Microsoft’s Web Service Software Factory that allow you to manipulate XML visually and create web services that adhere to coding standards and are loosely coupled. You also have other technologies like ESB Enterprise Service Bus we will call it the fun bus. Think of it as a gate keeper for your web services (or middleware layer)making them more or less plug and play and keyword “Secure” (Just so no one hijacks your fun bus). These tools have been built into IDE (integrated development environments) for a while now. It is interesting though to see tools like Dapper mentioned below amongst others like POPFLY on the web. They give you the tools to build services from existing web pages to extract very specific information acting as a middleware similar to the way the applications and technologies above like Chain Builder or Software Factory do for the IDE and enterprise applications. These services allow you to manipulate data and information on the web, embed, or share it and some also have created their own spiders, bots, or screen scrapers to help the user find and manipulate specific information. I also like the fact they use the web as a basis for their applications. The reason they are so cool is because right now technology is at a crossroad. These roads are converging on shared information across devices seamlessly no synch moving toward singularity. It is also no surprise to see applications that once only existed on the desktop leap to the web. If you haven’t yet I would check out a.vairy a very, very cool web application that allows you to create images, videos, etc.. I recently mentioned Flash Develop when I am done working on iHang10 I would like to begin to play around with the C# code for Flash Develop it would be time consuming but I think by disassembling it stepping thew it debugging it. I might attempt to convert it to Mono so it could be utilized on Linux and Apple. It would also be a challenge to create a web based IDE out of it where the programmers have the ability to share their programming experiments, classes, and programs (you know similar to PopFly, Dapper, or Yahoo Pipes only more powerful). That probably won’t happen until JC gives me about an extra 8 hour in the day just to code.

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement. Over the holidays I proposed to Lisa where we met 2 years ago:) I proposed to her in front of my friends after spending evening at Espa?a an excellent tapas restaurant in mid-town. We look forward to sharing our wedding with our friends and family. We have been busy preparing for our wedding. I will also be creating a site for the wedding as well to help keep us organized. We look forward to seeing you all soon:)