I have been busy at work and in my spare time I have been working on redoing my portfolio.  It is my goal to have a new version up soon and I will most likely be removing the old.  Through this process I have increased my knowledge of flex and as3.  I have been displaying a few alphas on my blog these will eventually all be rolled into the main application.  So here is yet another alpha.  I have created a Papervision3D RSS parser for Picasa.  Please note on google code you can find a library for AS3 Picasa I choose not to use it because it did not suit my specific needs in this project.  I found an extremely useful library of code that easily allows me to parse out MediaRSS one important thing to point out is because I used picasa not only did I have to parse out the MediaRSS but I had to use flash file reference to check when the images are loaded.  Another tricky gotcha I found was the fact that Picasa will not allow you to embed pictures that are larger than 800 pixels wide in the flash player.  It took me awhile to discover this the odd thing about this in particular is in FireFox it will load your images and render them but in Chrome, IE, and Safari you will see nothing.  The previously mentioned MediaRSS parser will also come in handy when writing mashups that interact with youTube (also utilizes MediaRSS).  I love Picasa and that is why I have chosen to create a 3D version of my Photo Albums. When you click here to see the photo album please note that I have not yet implemented a loader yet.  You can scroll though the images by rolling your mouse wheel. Please be sure to keep in mind this is only an alpha.

Picasa 3D Alpah

This will eventually be incorporated into my new portfolio.  So as you can see I have been very busy. I am also excited to utilize FlashCS4 I love the fact that adobe  has released Pixel Bender.  This will make creating filters a snap and you will be able to use them in After Effects, Photoshop, and Flash.  Adobe has also been working on Flash Catalyst formerly Thermo.  I am also excited to see a new application in the flash family.  I believe this will enable designers to easily port their photoshop documents to Flex without having to write any code(which I am sure they will like).  It will also be nice for developers because it is built to directly integrate into the Flex workflow.   Another development worth mentioning is SWX has released an AS3 Version. So that completely rocks and it makes writing mashups for flash a snap:)  I will be making some of these items flash components and selling them.

PaperVision3D Picasa Album Reader Alpha
MediaRSS AS3 Code Library
Pixel Bender Tutorial