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Taco ride last week was awesome perfect weather for a twenty mile bike ride.  I had a blast but its not hard to when you have the perfect weather and good group of friends to go out with:)  I have also been trying to take more photographs.  I took a few panoramics out in California on Highway 1 and posted them to my Picasa Account I have also a huge back catalog of panoramic photographs I have taken and will soon go through.  I have also been playing around with Processing and Context Free Art and I find them fun to play with.  You can create some stunning work with them and they are proving to be fun tools. Context Free art is also based on C++ and it make me curious to play with the Alchemy toolkit and see if I can convert it to actionscript which would be awesome the only thing I am lacking these days is time.  I could make good use out of more time.  Seems to be my biggest block. I am looking forward to playing around with context free art more! You can create some cool imagery with it. It was also recently mentioned in Make Magazine.

Thoughts on Ruby on Rails.  Well it is cool and it is pretty ridiculously easy to build web applications in.  I have been working on a new project at work that is a complete re-write and I am very comfortable with C# so it makes it hard to want to dump that skill set and learn a new skill.  I still have to code in both so that is good and sometimes I make myself create a project in a few languages to keep myself sharp.  It has not been easy but I can proudly say I have taught myself a new and useful skill.  I have spent an insane amount of time in the debugger but I is useful when it comes to figuring out someone else code without asking.  I also feel I have hit good stride with OOP and to put it simply most of the time I can just program and I am feeling extremely confident in my skill set and at this point my only block is time itself.  My favorite tool I think right now to develop Rails in is Netbeans although I also dabble with Aptana and have books on both eclipse and netbeans.  Sometime I admit changing back in forth from environments can be difficult but I am getting better at adjusting to these changes!  I am also comfortable now on developing with just about any opensource tool and find myself using SVN for personal projects now! I like alot of things about rails specifically how easy it is consume web services rest is built into Rails so it is easy to create and consume web services this also comes in handy when building RIA’s it is cinch to pass your information to Silverlight or Flash or whatever.  ROR easily allows you to generate ATOM, RSS, and JSON in a matter of seconds so my thoughts are ROR rocks it is also easy to find resources and tools on the web need a quick code plugin?  Go and look at want to check out opensource applications etc, go check out the GIT Hub.  Rails is cool and easy for developers I am looking forward to creating more projects with Ruby on Rails!

Thoughts on the Flash Platform. We are at a crossroads and what you will see is the influx of web applications absolutely invading your home!  What I mean to say is imagine this you go to the local grocery and because of RFID tags you have at home they will know and suggest what you may be out of and what you might like to buy?  How will this happen you ask well actually it is quite simple because the store will have you history and you will have tagged items we will make your shopping simple.  We will base your wants and needs off of your base settings and if they match we will up sell you based on what we would believe you would want and need probably based off of a sweet algorithm.  So I don’t know if you noticed but flash or the Flash Platform is going to overcome home electronics, mobile, and gaming within the next two years!  It is what we all wanted and worked for; for so many years the operating system will become more in the background trivial it will be all about the delivery and speed of small applications embedded in all sorts of places you never expected them to be in it is not far off the horizon!  Adobe just sealed a deal to make the flash player avilable to every HDTV do you think that is significant? I do!

Not too mention flash is set to be a delivery platform for social network games not just on facebook but on the Wii.  Nintendo has made a deal with Adobe for wiiware to support the flash player and this is also great news.  I recently check coppercube out and it is proving to be an interesting application you can create flash player 9 applications or windows excuteables and it supports a wide array of 3d formats!  I appears to me that someone at CopperCube must be a master at alchemy because it seems to me that this product had to use alchemy in some fashion. In all honesty I could not be more excited with where flash is headed because it is an excellent plugin that should be used on more devices and AS 3.0 is a mature language with lots of great libraries of code that make it easy to develop for!

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  1. Thanks for the post, Does anyone know where I can get a free html editor?

  2. Microsoft Express Studio gives you wysiwyg editor but it cannot be used for commercial purposes unless you purchase a license

    Aptana – Is a great tool that is again not free but is very reasonably priced integrated development environment based off of Eclipse which is by the way free and open source. This is a great tool for html, js, ror, php, etc…

    Netbeans – This is an open source IDE from sun it is also a great tool will run on any machine but is probably overkill for just html.

    Kompozer – simple WYSIWYG tool.

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