myUniveRSS is now on Facebook!

myUniveRSS is social RSS feed reader. It takes user feeds and renders them in three dimensional space. The user also has two slide controls. The horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen allows the user to spin the world axis. The vertical slider allows you to move the view forward. This shifts the user view to see the floating RSS posts in three dimensional space the user can click on a globe. When the user clicks on the globe they will move or fly through the space to the object and the objects squares up with the view window. This allows the user to read the feed post. The feed post displays a brief description of the entire post if the user wishes to read the post in it’s entirety they can click on the title and this will open the web page of the post for the user in a new browser window or tab. Users are allowed to enter or add feeds to the feed reader. When the user adds a feed this populates the users drop down menu. They input a feed and then it populates the drop down menu. Now anytime that user views their feed reader they will be able to use the menu to view their feed in this space. This application was built using Flash and Papervision3d. This application is currently in it’s alpha phase. I will have some features to add.

I am also looking at ways I can improve the readability of the text.
Trigger a loader when the user selects an item from the dropdown menu.
I will be adding a mouse following user view this will make the window easier to navigate and more natural.
I will eventually allow users to customize their feed views.
This application also needs an about section that I will put together soon.
I will also be porting this application to WordPress in the near future.
Demo of How to Use the Application

By completing this project is only the first of what will be many. I am also developing a 3D flash wall where users will be able to display their Photos on Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa(kinda like this). I am also currently working on an Online game as well. I have also been playing around with haXe came across this and I am looking forward to creating iPhone applications with it!

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