Since adobe opensouced their compiler for actionscript their has been growth in the amount of tools developers can now choose from when developing flash applications. I use a variety of tools I use the flexBean for use with netbeans on my linux box and textmate on my apple. I also firmly believe the best software I have ever purchased is the CS4 suite from adobe. I love using flash but sometimes you want to simply write code and get your tasks done quickly. Flash is a great authoring environment for designers but I love using flash develop to create my actionscript projects. Flash develop is lightning fast light weight IDE for flash and it has greatly improved the quality of flash I now develop. When you write out all your code and do garbage collection yourself you will finally be able to utilize flash to it’s fullest capabilities.

How to setup an opensource flash/flex/haxe workflow. Download and install flash develop here. Flash develop utilizes java so make sure you currently have java running on your machine. Flash Develop was created utilizing the .Net runtime so as a result you can only run flash develop on a windows computer. You will also want to download the flex sdk you can download that from Download the compiler and place it on your computer. I currently have my compiler located at c:\flex_sdk\flex3\ the main folder is flex_sdk with sub folders that are labeled with the proper compiler version this way I can switch between compiler versions if I need to. Flash develop is a wonderful and powerful ide that will help you code quickly and efficiently. You should also be aware that you can utilize flash develop with haXe as well. You can download and install haXe from it is well worth your time to do so. You should also download and install the flash debugger

Program Settings Menu in Flash Develop

Once you install flash develop you will need to configure your environment. It is really easy to do you can open the Program Settings menu this menu is located by clicking on the tools menu or by clicking f10. You can then navigate to the as3 Context menu this menu asks you for your Flex SDK location. Place your flex sdk location in the menu. This menu has many other settings for the IDE like as2 compiler option (you can install motion-twin an opensouce compiler for as2 development). The next thing to do is to make sure your debugger is setup this way you can trace out variables in the output window of flash develop this is located in the flash log viewer option it should look something like this C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs\flashlog.txt after you have done this you are ready to go. You might also want to download a few other debugging tools to help you out with your flash development. I would recommend the use of deMonster Debugger and thunderbolt these are handy tools for flash development.

Adobe MAX predictions and hopes -> Flash Player 10 support for Android, Pre, and Windows Mobile. I also hope adobe creates an application that allows us to compile AS3 to C++ for use on the iPhone this is something that haXe is already doing and something that the Mono project has also done for C# so lets hope Adobe releases something that will help us create better iPhone applications!

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