Ice-nine is a fictional material conceived by writer Kurt Vonnegut in his novel Cat’s Cradle. It is supposed to be a more stable polymorph of water than common ice (Ice Ih) which instead of melting at 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit), melts at 45.8°C (114.4°F). When ice-nine comes into contact with liquid water below 45.8°C (which is thus effectively supercooled), it acts as a seed crystal, and causes the solidification of the entire body of water which quickly crystallizes as ice-nine. A global catastrophe involving freezing the Earth’s oceans by simple contact with ice-nine is used as a plot device in Vonnegut’s novel. –

As technology progresses we will see more and more people using thin-client systems again.  They will store data in the cloud and mobile devices will proliferate and rapidly change the landscape of personal computing small is the new big.  Our cell phones will morph into powerful desktop like devices(oh and this is predictable just study Moore’s_law) only they fit in our hand and can go with us.  Our input devices will all change we will have small projectors on our cellphones they will project screens and pusedo keyboards that we can place on any surface.  Competition will drive new innovations and the consumer will win.  It won’t be just Microsoft vs. Apple it will be all out war for Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM, and Oracle all competing creating new products and new markets.  Social Networks are the new email the way we think of email has already changed most people communicate on a variety of social networks email etc..  Print is dead stick a fork in it already.  Mobile books will only be improved and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Apple actually does come out with a revolutionary tablet in the next year and utilize iTunes to also sell subscriptions this will kill magazines, I don’t know about you but I think they take up too much space.  I want one device clean smooth organized (my wife will like that too because my books/magazines take up more than one room).  The world of broadcasting will drastically change when Youtube comes up with a subscription service your TV area all ready on their way to being big thin clients.  Check out what adobe is working on with their Digital TV – Flash initiatives.  The mobile internet is the future people won’t need these stogy old big machines!  Everyone has a cellphone think of the traffic that will generate on the web.  Traffic on the web will go through the roof in the next few years.  When you speed up communication you speed up innovation and the next few years will be exciting!  If you think the internet has caused some disruptive changes for business models you haven’t seen anything yet.  Our audience is not even born yet.

While were on the subject matter of making small the new big why not throw in old is the new new?  Yes I too love oxymoron’s and non-sequitur’s. I would also like to point out a trend here the big players like Adobe, Microsoft, and Google are making it easier for developers to port existing code over to their run-time environments.  Adobe has a project called Alchemy and if you haven’t played around with it I would recommend doing so.  Alchemy will allow you to take existing C/C++ code and convert it to swc (compiled ActionScript libraries).  It is wickedly powerful you will notice below I actually have a compiled version of Doom running in flash.  This was made possible by Mike at New Grounds he ported over the code and currently has it hosted on GitHub for download.  The only thing you have to do to build it is install and configure Alchemy!  Ok well who cares your porting old stuff and placing it on the web, so what.  That’s just it!  Its on the web and running on a website where anyone anywhere with an internet connection can take advantage of it.  If it is not blantely obvious let me point out the fact that in 10 years most people will not work on a desktop all of their applications will be cloud based and available to mobile devices the glue that holds everything together will be the internet, not the operating system.

BabbelFish for Code? I think the future fracturing of mobile devices and operating systems will lead to the need for more tools that allow developers to choose their language of choice and then simply export to the specific platform this makes more sense.  Developers and Businesses will want one code base and they want they will want the ability to target whatever platform they want in the mobile area without having to hire tons of highly specialized people for one project.  Developers will also like being able to port their projects to different platforms!  I believe the compiler gurus will open things up for the rest of the developers.  Check out projects like haXe and jsc.  Their are other projects similar popping up all over on Code Run you can convert C# to JavaScript.  I also find it interesting that both ActionScipt3 and C# will be able to compile directly to the iPhone.

As things move forward we will do all our work in the cloud.  If you scan the web you will start to see web IDE being created here are a few ingesting projects Code Run, WonderFL,Appcelerator, and Bespin.  I really like the idea of social coding it is definitely an idea that intrigues me.  Just think if the IDE was in the cloud you wouldn’t need to download all those pesky code libraries they would all be there already.  Projects would update at a much quicker rate than they currently do. 

Play Doom On-Line with Flash

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