Well for awhile I was experimenting with C3DL which I like and will continue to play with in my spare time (Becuase it needs lots of refinement it is really rough). This is a flash rendering of the same experiment I will break this into several tutorials in the next couple weeks and post the code. In short I used PreFab to manage my models and I am really pleased with how easy it was to use! I have also decided to add sound to the experiment. I am also using the hype framework. I would like to make the fish in the Tank have a swarming effect. The swarming effect utilizes a point. I would like to look at modifying this so it could also except a vector. I will look at diving into this in the future. RIght now if you click on them they will not go to a twitter result this functionality and twitter search will be built into it at a later date probably next weekend. If you click on the spacebar the camera will zoom randomly if you spin the mouse wheel you will pivot around the center points. I will add more control in the near future. I really like the amount of control I have with the combination of Hype and Away3D this experiment was fun to put together. I am looking forward to refining it. The fish also currently dance to the music (Only if sound is not currently running in another tab like Youtube) I will work on smoothing these features out. I did get into a gotcha with mouse events in away3d and it was caused by a blur feature I added to a bitmap canvas it took me awhile to track down the issue and I found this helpful chunk of code on my quest to debug it. Check it out this is a life saver for tracking events down in ActionScript.

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I enjoyed working with prefab it is an excellent tool that will greatly speed up your away3d work-flow. The guys that built away3d have a book coming out from Friends of Ed. I personally can’t wait to receive it in the mail. I also hope to see a HypeFramework book in the near future as well. It is definetly an exciting time to be a flash developer. I am really looking forward to flash being on Android. It will be fun to use the HypeFramework with the accelerometer etc..

I have been busy working. I have really been studying HTML5 and I am really excited about it. I think WebGL is really cool although I also think the browsers should open up sound streams in the browser so they can be interpreted. Currently Flash can interpret sound but you can’t make a mashUp with youtube and interpret sound from that location because that would not be inline with the Flash Security model. I have also been keeping my eye on javascript frameworks that are geared toward mobile. I recommend looking at jQTouch and Sprout Core they have lots of potential. CSS3 is definitely the holy grail of CSS. The CSS transforms that are allowed on Webkit are awesome. Hopefully all the other browsers will follow suit (I won’t hold my breath for Internet Exploder). I am looking forward to putting together more content that is just geared at mobile devices. I also have been playing around with the iPhone SDK I got Wolfenstein to run on my iPhone emulator this week:)

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