It has never been a better time to be a developer. I am really looking forward to full implementations of HTML5 everywhere I believe HTML5 / JavaScript / ActionScript will be an extremly potent combination! I believe their will be proliferation of new devices in the mobile arena. JavaScript and HTML are also becoming more powerful. I have been reading about WebGL and experimenting with it for awhile now and the other day I heard about CopperCube by Ambiera based off of the Irrlicht Engine and I was immediately curious. It is basically a world editor / game engine for the web that supports Flash and WebGL output. I have to be honest I think for Flash, I will definitely stick with Away3D. For WebGL output I am extremely impressed It was easy to use and in the next few months, I will be studying their web javascript api copperlicht. Here are a couple examples of scenes I was easily able to export out with CopperCube. This stuff can also of course be done with Flash. You can run Quake in flash using Alchemy. Alchemy is an extremly innovative software project if you are not familiar with it by now I suggest looking at it. I have found Bruce Jawn’s website to be insightful not only on Alchemy but also in regards to Raytracing with flash.

You will only be able to see the example below if you have a webGL compatiable browser. Here are instructions on how to get a webGL browser.

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To create the environment that are displayed above it was easy. I was able to download Quake3 maps from a few sites like lvlworld or Map Factory. Once the maps have been downloaded and unzipped notice that it has a .pk3 extension change it to a zip file and then extract it. You will find all you need in that folder from their all you have to do to get it into CopperCube is navigate to the folder named Map and select the .bsp file and from that point on you are good to go. I have also been attempting to convert these files to OBJ and then bring them into PreFab. I will keep you all posted on the updates as I progress.

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WebGL Libraries:

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