HTML5 jQuery jqPanoramic Plugin Alpha

A simple jQuery plugin that allows for creation of Cubic Panoramic Images. This plugin utilizes on CSS3 3D transfoms to complete this task it also relies on jQuery UI. This plugin is an alpha and currently only works for Safari Nightly builds it has been tested against on an Apple running the latest webkit nightly build on Snow Leopard. This plugin should also be compatible for the iPad although I have not had time to test it yet. I will be adding more features to this plugin on a semi weekly basis. I am an extremely busy person and if you email me for support it might take me awhile to respond. Cubic panoramics have long been available in Flash and Java. The reason for creating this was simply to test out the new CSS3 3D properties and hopefully to make a great plugin that will work well on the iPad so users can view panoramics easily on their mobile devices.

This plugin requires a WebKit Nightly Build

jqPanoramic jQuery plugin usage example ->

//or for the default example just

Download Plugin / Launch Plugin Example

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  1. orkid

    Why people keep posting things that doesn't work on 90% of browsers!
    Stop teasing, you are distorting reality perception.
    I hate Apple, they are causing a browser war maddens, again, it's the new Microsoft indeed.

  2. Thanks for the post, its a good start not quite there yet on the iPad but keep up the great work.

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