The hypeframe work is truly a unique library it offers generative artists a new tool to quickly create generative art. I believe it also provides flash developers with a rich actionscript library that does a great deal of heavy lifting. The library allows you to quickly create swarming effects that you can use to create stunning artwork rapidly. In the example below I am using hype to paint a picture it does this by grabbing the pixel value and then applying it to the canvas. As a result you can simulate a painting effect that can really turn out stunning results. This is one of the many things I really like about this library, is how quickly you can create art with it!

Simple Hype Painting Example:
HypeFramework Painting Example
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So what have I been up to lately? I have really been diving into html5 with webGL coming out soon I think combining html5, webgl, and flash developers will be able to create a whole new breed of rich internet applications. I have also been shifting my focus on mobile, because it is the only way truly creative developers can rapidly create applications and profit off of them quickly. It has the lowest barrier of entry and with mobile really starting to take off most applications will have to be completely re-written for these low power, light weight devies that everyone will use. I am excited about what I see and I believe webGL will be supported in both the iphone, android, and hopefully palm! I also believe that javascript development will be needed more and more simply because javascript is the glue that holds the web together and it is supported by all mobile platforms. So you may see a variety of experiments here and I don’t think of development as javascript vs. actionscipt I just view them as working more together instead of against each other so this is not an HTML5 vs. Flash thing. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit by adobe releasing a Flash to Canvas feature for CS6. What makes flash so compelling to me is the amount of libraries available to developers. I would also be willing to bet in the near future flash will also support 3d hardware acceleration this would really allow for lots of new games on the flash platform. Not too mention it doesn’t look like Internet Explorer is going to support any type of 3d in the near future.

Simple 3D Panoramic in JavaScript no IE Support!:
Three.js Panoramic

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So you showed me some actionscipt can you show me some javascript? Of course, I have been playing around a little with three.js. As you can see above I built a simple panoramic sphere with javascript Mr. Doob created a really cool 3-D library that has lots of similar characteristics too PaperVision3D and it has some basic primitives so it makes it really easy to work with. I will warn you ahead of time this example is a processor hog and it runs really, really slow, but it is some where to start. JavaScript libraries are still a long way from where ActionScript is right now. I have been working on a new version of my memorial panoramic with flash, only it will have 3-D sound that will be dynamically created by user interaction so stop by in about a month.

Simple HTML5 Example Chrome or Safari only!:
Three.js Panoramic
Download Example / Launch Demo

It will be interesting to see if the new devies start to have more hardware acceleration for the canvas. It’s funny for as much as apple touts HTML5 it really runs slow on the iPhone and iPod and you can’t get a good read out on the emulator in that comes with the apple sdk so it is a let down. Example, I was working on video game that runs at about 40-45 frames per second on the laptop emulator but when I actually place it on the iPhone it drops down to about 4 frames per second just enough to be useless. So I hope they speed up the rendering on these devices. I believe google will help drive that competition. Google will be coming out with competing tablets, phones, and TV set top boxes. Froyo will be on all these devices and it is a significant speed boost not too mention it supports flash! I am really interested though in the future of webGL with flash on devices because, I know this combination will enable developers to create some really cool experiences and games for mobile devices. JavaScript also lacks a true sound api. With flash not only can I play sounds mp3 etc.. I can also create sound from scratch and manipulate that sound just one of the many advantages of the Flash Platform.

Cool Flash Libraries:
Bit-101 sound synthesis
Cool JavaScript Libraries: