With android at home we as developers should take notice and feel free to invade the home. Now is the time for hardware hacking with android as the remote. Think of all the things we can accomplish and with Google’s open accessories api’s we don’t need to pay Google a fee to play with the hardware just innovate. Google clearly gets engineers we like to make things sometimes we like to build upon things! Android is supplying the Lego blocks we need! It will be nice to truly see some innovation within the home and common accessories companies like GE supply most of the major staples but are not necessarily uber innovative in new social ways. Actually to be honest they are but sometimes big companies miss things and with Google’s open accessories we can step into the ring and the little guy has the opportunity to make a big difference! One weakness of large companies is the inability to turn on a dime and shift directions like the weather. Not to mention I think Bill Gates said it best ‎”Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” If you are a developer and you haven’t checked out Make magazine or don’t have a subscription I think you should re-evaluate the value of it and get a subscription. I was introduced to Make by a fellow co-worker at the College of Saint Mary and I am really happy he brought the publication to my immediate attention. I read a few issues and have subscribed ever since. I can clearly see now that all of those issues are going to go to good use now. Why, well because I am going to review literally every issue and re-evaluate every project and ponder how I can take an opensource idea or concept and profit off of it directly trough the use of Open Accessories API.

What is the Open Accessories API?

It is really cool to see Android pushing the ADK with Arduino open source electronics. How do I use Arduino?

I am also convinced with the Android everywhere movement Microsoft should now officially be worried. Laptops with Android + ChromeOS = potent combination. One thing you should have paid attention to on the keynotes was Android TV and Androids ability to utilize hardware like Microsoft’s Xbox controllers. I think it is really evident that video game systems will be assimilated into the computer fold no question about it. I also think major video game companies should re-evaluate their goals because the walled gardens in which they played will erode away in a relatively short period of time and they will be forced to compete with the Indy developer head on.

Microsoft does have Kinnect and they are a really innovative company traditionally but the fight for the home is clearly on like Donkey Kong! Microsoft has allowed people to hack Kinect for a while now and some really interesting uses for Kinect have cropped up. I can see Microsoft utilizing Xbox, Kinect, and Windows Phone 7 to provide a platform to invade the home much in the way Google is currently going pursuing although at this time they haven’t steeped up to the plate yet. Microsoft should compete with google Accessories with a new initiative and build off of the Xbox brand to push into the home even further. Microsoft should place Silverlight in your browser ( With no need to download it or install it lets consider it a feature ) allow it to have a compatibility layer for webGL to convert the JavaScript to DirectX much in the way Angle does but only in a way you know best after all you developed directX. So make it run webGL faster than webGL can its a challenge google has thrown down the gauntlet. Developers will love it! So as developers I guess we are expecting a great deal from Windows8!

Prediction on Apple WWDC

OSX lion will support webGL. It would also be nice to see it supported within IOS5 if not I think they will fall further behind Android. I will bet that when ice cream sandwich is released from google it will support webGL. The new version of Honeycomp now supports css3 3d transforms and google’s browser is now probably better than apples ios browser. Although you won’t see these changes until the Android platform is unified with ice cream sandwich (tablets will be unified with phones for one version of android). It would be nice to see some flash support but I won’t hold my breath for that one. Bottom line they need to improve their browser if their isn’t going to be flash than support webGL and speed of the canvas on the browser because it has a slow frame rate currently.

Notifications. Currently the iOS notification system completely sucks it is awful in comparison with what Android is currently offering.

iCloud that obvious it will be nice though to use storage on your iDevices primarily for apps and not music/video/podcasts. I believe the cloud will also help out their AppleTV so I am curious if they make or announce any improvements on the appleTV.

Would be nice to see a UI clean up. The folders I think are kind of stogy and their are no widgets. I like widgets would be nice to see some UI improvements.

NanoPhone I can see Apple making cheaper models of phones to compete more heavily with Android probably won’t see it but might.

Developer tools it would be nice to see some improvements within xCode. xCode is certianly better than xCode3 but it could be a great deal better although again I won’t hold my breath on this one either.

I completely agree with Shantanu Narayen. Apple has a lead but I don’t believe they can sustain it. I think Apple needs to open up a bit Steve Wozniak is right!

I think Microsoft and Google should team up and enable tablets that dual boot.