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Thoughts on Android and WWDC perdictions

With android at home we as developers should take notice and feel free to invade the home. Now is the time for hardware hacking with android as the…

I love that idea!

Show support submit a work of Public / Weblic Art in the comments to this blog post. We should respond using the Heart as an artistic symbol much…

Is Apple Becoming the New Big Brother?

Once upon a time their was young Steve Jobs and he fearlessly forged ahead and helped shape the landscape of today’s personal computing. To tell you the truth…

Chrome OS and Other Meandering Thoughts

Well it’s about time their was a viable alternative from Apple and Microsoft in the Operating System market place.  Variety is the spice of life at least that…

Concentric Circles

We recently had a UI contest at work!  Well in short our team won and it was a blast. I think the best part of the contest for…

A.vairy interesting site

Well if you haven’t heard that RIA are eventually going to rule the web and the fact that your desktop computer applications are on the cusp of converging…

Disruptive Change @ MacWorld Expo

Well iPhone is out with over 200+ patents in this tiny wonderful device. This is proof that Apple makes superior products! Apple has successfully reinvented the phone it does everything that a phone should plus everything that an ipod can do and it also comes complete with a web browser! Apple also debuted their apple tv. The ramification of what apple is doing; is clear they will slaughter all the competition consider Sony close to their death bed. It won’t take long and everyone will have an iPhone and you can bet it will drive all of Apples sales not only for the consumer electronics but also their computers threw the roof. Eric Schmidt even joked about an apple google merger today. Microsoft has no choice but to drastically improve its products in the near future because it is crystal clear that apple will be making numerous products in the near future that will all share similar graphical user interface and transfer data in between them and the web. Apples operating system OS X is also superior in many ways in comparison to Vista. I do use Vista at home but it is not something I like or recommend (I also have a fast computer with over a gb of ram and a 512mb graphics card). The best years are only ahead of Apple their iPhone just proves it!



MacWorld Expo


Well we have been hearing rumors of this fabled iPhone for along time now ThinkSecret is running an interesting article on the iPhone right now stating that the iPhone will most likely be supported by Cingular first which is not a big surprise. It is worth the read here are also some mockups of what the future iPhone could look like!


Apple Nintendo rumors kind of cool and definitely worth discussing. Kind of a cool combo. I do think Apple could benefit after-all Sony is touting their Play Station 3 as an apple replacement if you can believe that. Sony does have to go after Apple especially with their wild success with the iPOD. Sony has to succeed with it's Play Station 3 if it fails it could seal Sony's fate and it can not afford a Beta Max Replay. Their are of course many other things to consider. Disney is signed on with Blue Ray and many other movie studios have as well. But Steve Jobs is a media guru and with his ties to Disney and many other companies would of course come into his favor. If Apple did purchase Nintendo it would be an interesting combination! Apple I do believe by acquiring Nintendo could go head to head with the XBOX and Play Station. I would see this as a move to sell more computers after all think about it the Mac Mini is a powerhouse imagine if you could combine that with Nintendo? The Mac Mini retails for about $500 did I mention that is $100 cheaper than the Play-Station 3? I think an apple and Nintendo team-up would benefit both companies but I really don't think it will happen. It would help spread an apple dominated home media/entertainment system. Well log in and let me know what you think??


Apple it looks like is teaming up with Motorola, and Cingular! It looks like they will be unveiling a cell phone i-pod. I really hope they make a cell phone that can do everything a pda can and then some! Does anyone remember the Newton??? I really hope they make something cool to play with. Oh and it looks like Apple will be using IBM processors until at least 2008! I don’t get me wrong I think the Pentium D rocks. I am more curious about the SPUs (Synergistic Processor Units .. you know the Cell processor).