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Throw it in a Cloud


Cloud computing is a new (circa late 2007) label for the subset of grid computing that includes utility computing and other approaches to the use of shared computing resources. Cloud computing is an alternative to having local servers or personal devices handling users’ applications. Essentially, it is an idea that the technological capabilities should "hover" over everything and be available whenever a user wants.

Applications will soon head to the clouds in mass numbers. What does that mean? When you have a web applications all of these other responsibilities come with running the application you have to set the database up run a server language, integrate some monitoring or log reading system, select a Server Operating system and platform like IIS or Apache, LAMP or Windows, etc.. Then you have to deal with crowds of people coming onto your site and constantly using it and soon you will find yourself in a bind. You need to upgrade the server language, upgrade the database, migrate to a better hosting platform etc.. So you ask yourself what is wrong with this picture? Well I will tell you it sucks every time you need to migrate or upgrade a system because if you?re like me you also want to test things out before you hit the button. Well let?s just pretend for a second you could host your application on something that is more cost effective, has an uptime of 99.999 percent of uptime, enables you to vpn on the system, has excellent web services that were created for cloud computing and enables you to run any server language. This may seem farfetched and way off into the future but really it is not. Just take a look at Amazons Web Services it literally allows you to do all of the above. You can expand and contract your applications with ease. So ok that?s one provider who else is in on the game? Well Google will soon rev up their App Engine for flight and if you haven?t signed up to be a part of this service I would suggest doing so soon! I have a feeling Microsoft will not be too far off as well. I hope Google will also support more languages like Amazon has and I am sure they will. Recently I did bash Silverlight from Microsoft. After studying it more I do like some of its capabilities one thing I like is the fact you can use the DLR of the .NET platform! I believe Microsoft will be sharing more tricks with others in the near future which is of course good. I am also excited about the Mono platform. I do enjoy programming in Visual Studio 2008 it is an excellent Integrated Development Environment and C# has many advantages over other programming languages. One thing that is important to me is that my applications be operating system agnostic; they should simply just work on any machine they shouldn?t have to be programmed for a specific operating system. You can count on one thing in the future and that is change. So why not make applications that work truly anywhere on anything? While I do like and enjoy Vista I also have a beefy box that runs it and it does help to have an MSDN license so you can run whatever Microsoft technology you want of course not everyone has this advantage. I also run OS X and Linux at home. So it is nice when I can see my applications working in a predictable manner on everyone of my machines it leads me to believe it might be the same for the user. I have been real busy preparing for our Wedding and I have also kept up the work on iHang10.com! Check out some of the new features I recently added a Home Foreclosure and some other interesting map tricks! Really with iHang10.com I am simply coding something I want to use every day! Oh and this site will soon be upgraded to Drupal 6.2 so it will be going threw changes as soon as sunday.

Projects of interest:
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Books I have been reading lately:
Professional ASP.NET Web Services
Spidering Hacks
Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers: A Guide to Developing Internet Agents with PHP/CURL

SC9v4 Goes Live…

SeaCloud9 OS X | Theme goes live finally. The ajax version in my opinion is working very well no matter what browser you use! The ajax version has many features the flash version does not have. I will be working to improve the flash version and there are some minor bugs but they will be quashed before long. I would also like to develop a mobile version for pda’s etc. .. I figure it is good for now with improvements especially in the flash version soon to follow so keep tuned in! I would also love to hear what you think so feel free to leave a comment. Oh and keep your eyes peeled for the Bohemian Like You video of Kat on her couch surfing adventures in Omaha…


Well with web 2.0 standards couldn’t be more important. It is a super pain cross scripting for browsers. If they all listened to the W3C it wouldn’t be a problem but they don’t. I use opera a great deal. The reason why I like opera is because it runs on any type of machine. I think it is by far the best browser for Linux. With opera 9 you can also create and install widgets no to mention it comes with a bit torrent client and search feature. I also use Firefox but the memory leaks can become a real pain. I love firefox extensions they even have FireFTP which in my opinion is extremely handy. Next generation browsers should be all about features and making the user experience better. I have also noticed vast improvements on Internet Explorer 7 it is no longer a complete laughing stock. So I ask; which browser do you prefer?

What is your Browser of Choice

* Safari / Konqueror\n* Opera 9\n* FireFox / Flock\n* Internet Explorer\n

Design Technique

Many people ask me what is the process you go through to create a web page it is simple try, try, try again. I have numerous committee meeting to go to and am also constantly working on not only design but development. Web Design and Development is an area that changes everyday as a developer you need to be quick at adopting new technologies and new techniques otherwise you will find your self out dated in a hurry. Here are just a few samples of my work. To understand the other half I would have to show you a ninety page blog that I write for the College to keep them informed with what is going on..

SC9 v4 Beta Testing

Well I have been working on my portfolio here and there. It is hard to keep up I am always, always, busy, usually the last thing I want to do when I get the home is hit the computer for another 4 to 6 hours but it happens believe me it happens. I have been stepping up my efforts to complete the new version of my web site and it is about done! So please let me know what you think! I have been trying to make both a flash version and an Ajax version of my site! The site is skinned to look and act like OS X. I really like the Ajax version although I also add some flash content (portfolio). It is still in the testing phase but I do believe I will have it up for good in about 2 weeks. I am looking forward to completing it. I do feel this will be the best iteration of my experimental site ever!

Save the Internet

Sign the Save the Internet petition to Congress for Internet freedom, and write a letter to your congressperson.

Let people know how you feel keep the internet free.� Do not let the ma' bell companies kill innovation for some chump change!


It is our Net!�


The Internet as we know it is facing a serious threat. There's a debate heating up in Washington, DC on something called "net neutrality" – and it's a debate that's so important Google is asking you to get involved. We're asking you to take action to protect Internet freedom.

In the next few days, the House of Representatives is going to vote on a bill that would fundamentally alter the Internet. That bill, and one that may come up for a key vote in the Senate in the next few weeks, would give the big phone and cable companies the power to pick and choose what you will be able to see and do on the Internet.

Today the Internet is an information highway where anybody – no matter how large or small, how traditional or unconventional – has equal access. But the phone and cable monopolies, who control almost all Internet access, want the power to choose who gets access to high-speed lanes and whose content gets seen first and fastest. They want to build a two-tiered system and block the on-ramps for those who can't pay.

Creativity, innovation and a free and open marketplace are all at stake in this fight. Please call your representative (202-224-3121) and let your voice be heard.

Thanks for your time, your concern and your support.

Eric Schmidt


I also wanted to briefly discuss the e-mail below. I wanted to point out we are using blogs for some student organizations (student senate). We also have a simple method of keeping track of the content. The news aggregator on the Intranet actually links and displays student blog content through rss feeds when you click on the content you will go directly to the blog.


AJAX, now with more bleach

We’ve already seen some neat things you can do with AJAX, so here is a open source library called Rico with full AJAX support that lets you do even more incredible things. AJAX has really come a long way and it’s only a matter of time before web apps based on it start popping up all over the place.


Future of the Web.

The future of the web, what will it be? It will be browser free and use widgets. It will rely heavily on rich internet applications that are fully integrated on the desktop, pda, phone etc,. It will rely on technologies like java, rss, flash, xml, php, coldfusion, etc. The operating system will be linux or some variation it is that simple. You will no longer have to bother with url, you know the long name of a website because that is so passé. Apple OS X Tiger has a dashboard and Yahoo recently bought out Konfabulator check it out! Widgets are the future. I will be creating a widget for i-create soon so get ready to have i-create on your desktop. Also check out gush it is a chat and news aggregator. I highly recommend these little apps! If you have not signed up on i-create do so. Its easy and you will have fun!