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Orca Web OS

Here is yet another Web operating system. This system also allows for google and live gadgets. It is highly detailed and worth a look it is slightly more advanced than Goowy.com. I recommend checking it out! It is only a matter of time until everyone is using smaller devices like smart phones to communicate to a web os. Orca adds a familiar interface for the users it looks just like Vista, Looking Glass, or OS X enjoy J let me know what you think. Web 2.0 is here to stay!


Goowy provides email (2GB), messenger, calendar, address book, News/RSS manager, file sharing & storage (1GB), games, and widgets (which they call mini). Developed mostly in Flash, Goowy also offers hosted version with added functionalities, for businesses. [Ed: Ryan Stewart wrote a great overview of Goowy on Read/WriteWeb in March]

DesktopTwo (also available in Spanish) provides email, address book, file storage and sharing (1GB), IM, blog, music player and a website editor in a nicely organized user-interface. It requires Flash, Acrobat Reader, and popup windows to function correctly. It's a nice name (DesktopTwo = Desktop 2.0, I guess) and my personal favorite.

Glide Effortless is a web-suite that handles media files – documents, photos, audio, and video – and also provides a handy word processor and calendar.

XIN is still in beta, but is evolving into a full-featured WebOS. In Richard's original review of XIN, he noted that XIN aims to be an entirely Web-based OS and as such is a full development platform.

YouOS has perhaps the most recognition of all the WebOS products – and high ideals too. The YouOS developers describe their product as "a liberation of software from hardware". According to Richard's article, YouOS wants the OS to be no longer a user's primary concern – it's your data and your apps that you only need to concern yourself with.

EyeOS (Open-Source) was developed in Spain and currently boasts 53,500 users in the main public server. In addition there are around 400 active servers installed by users. More in Richard's review.

On-Line Photo Editing

I have been talking about the death of the desktop as we know it for awhile now. It is simple if you can do everything over the internet you will. The ability to do everything over the internet also allows for the use of smaller devices. These devices communicate to larger servers that store and of course serve out all the information. Recently I have seen a few photo editors on-line lately. They do not compare slightly to GIMP or Photoshop but they are giving it the College Try! They have a decent foundation to build upon. I would advise looking at these on-line photo editors because they are cool.

On-Line Photo Editors:

Cellsea – Check out the filters cool!

On-Line Operating Systems:

eyeOS (open source!) I used it to create i-os

I am sure the general public out their already has knowledge of Googles on-line spreadsheets, their acquirement of Writely, etc.. Operating Systems will blend into the background in the near future. The most important thing will be to have internet access because you will be able to do virtually anything you can think of on-line.



Goowy releases major new enhancements to its already robust and all Flash email service. Now goowy has Instant Messaging , online file storage , fully manageable calendar , a personalized start page and lots more . Get more details and signup right here!

Goowy is easy and fun to use! It is a web os based in Flash! I am a big fan of goowy it also allows you to have a gig of hardrive space on the web for free! Goowy also is an excellent e-mail server. I personally use it to funnel multiple e-mail accounts to! I enjoy all the features it has and I would encourage anyone to use it! So check it out!

Web Based Applications

Here is some food for thought web based applications. Thats right all the features of office that works solely off of web based applications. No more install. The web in the next few years will take off again. I am sure it will take a long time for older users to grasp because it is such a drastic paradigm shift. Just look around at AJAX (java script and XML) combine AJAX with a server technology and make a powerful application. There will only be more and more web based applications so here are some to links to chew on.

AJAX Presentation Builder
AJAX Word Processor
Think Free Office Suite
On-Line File System