Here are a few curated links from around the web. If you are a creative engineer or developer you may find some of these links to be very informative and handy. 
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Collective #124
Clipping in CSS and SVG * CSS is a Mess * DropKick.js 2.0 * Mazwai * CSS Colorguard * GifLinks * elq.js

Collective #123
Smarty Pins * Intense Images * Google I/O 2014 Videos * Flat Star Wars Icons * Select or Die * Devicons * deb.js *

Node Roundup: SocketCluster, i18n-generator, generator-gulp-angular 

Node Roundup: newspeak, CatchMe, Catnap

Registering Angular.js Components, ChainyJS

Moving Atom To React

What is The Point of CSS Preprocessors 

WebRTC Video Mixing with Mixology

How to Create Your Own HTML Elements With Web Components (Excellent Tutorial)

15 CSS blend modes that will supercharge your images
One of the most invaluable features of Photoshop—arguably, the feature that powered it ahead of its competition—is blend modes. Blend modes take two pixels laid on top of each other and combine them in different ways, for example the darker color blend mode will simply render the darker of the two pixels. When expanded across […]

A Flexible jQuery Plugin to Style Select Elements
Select-or-Die is a jQuery plugin to style select elements. If you feel like adding a placeholder that’s displayed before anything is selected. Once a selection has been made the placeholder will be removed until the user clicks the SoD again. You can also add a prefix that’s displayed in front of the selected option. When […]

Pixels are expensive
How pixels get onto your users’ screens is something you should know about. Not for the sake of knowing, but because in order to be effective as a modern web developer you’re going to need to optimize for it.

Raneto – An Open Source Knowledgebase for Nodejs
Raneto is a free, open source Knowledgebase platform for Node.js that uses static Markdown files to power the knowledgebase. Raneto can be called a “static site generator” of sorts as it doesn’t require a database. All of your content is stored in the content folder in Markdown (.md) files and the entire knowledgebase structure and […]

22 Single Page Portfolio WordPress Themes
In Today’s round ups we’ve collected 22 well made premium single page wordpress themes, which is suitable for any agency or personal portfolio’s. Jarvis – Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme Brooklyn – Creative One Page Multi-Purpose Theme Corsa – Retina Responsive Creative OnePage Theme OneUp – One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme DIGNITY – WordPress One […]

Add Motion Control to a Kiwi.js Game With the Leap Motion Controller

CartoDB’s Odyssey.js Is An Open-Source Tool For Telling Stories With Interactive Maps

Adding captions and subtitles to HTML5 video
This article is also available on MDN. With the introduction of the <video> and <audio> elements to HTML5, we finally have a native way to add video and audio to our websites. We also have a JavaScript API that allows us to interact with this media content in different ways, be it writing our own […]

How to get started with next-generation website prototyping
Recently I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the current toolset and accepted practices for creating UI and UX ‘deliverables’. In my experience, building static mock-ups in Photoshop and Illustrator no longer captures the essence of current UI design. Likewise, creating wireframes and UX documentation in tools such as Axure seem to communicate very little of how a site or app actually feels to use. These […]

\An Alternative to AMD: CMD

Parallax Sound Waves Animating on Scroll
Read the full article at: Parallax Sound Waves Animating on Scroll Scrolling animations are fun. They are fun to create and fun to use. If you are tired of bootstrapping you might find playing with scrolling animations as a nice juicy refreshment in your dry front-end development career. Let’s have a look how to create animating […]

clrs: A Color Library for HTML/JS/CSS/Canvas
Send to KindleAs most of you know, I grew up as a programmer using Flash and ActionScript, and in the last few years have been much more into web programming, particularly with HTML’s Canvas. In general I do like Canvas a lot. It’s a different mindset than Flash, but I enjoy the challenge. One thing […]

WebGL / openGL

WebGL around the net, 7 July 2014
3D interstitial ads and printable designs lead the next wave of WebGL’s mainstream adoption. Amazon just launched their first ever interactive 3D wake screen experience, to promote Relativity Media’s “Earth to Echo” – powered by Verold. Pinshape, the community marketplace for 3D printable designs, announced a partnership with to provide interactive renders of Pinshape designs. NOT mainstream […]

WebGL around the net, 2-July-2014
Web-based Virtual Reality: fast, cheap, out of control and now RUNNING IN YOUR BROWSER. Virtually Awesome! Vlad  Vukićević, WebGL creator and VR guru at Mozilla, discusses the First Steps for VR on the Web. Firefox now has support for Oculus stereo rendering of Canvas elements, CSS3 3D transforms, mixing Canvas and CSS into single 3D display […]

What do you mean by shaders? Learn how to create shaders with babylon.js (excellent article about shaders!)

You may have noticed that we talked a lot about babylon.js during //Build 2014. If you do not, you can see the keynote for day 2 here and go directly to 2:24-2:28:

Steven Guggenheimer and John Shewchuk demoed how the Oculus Rift support was added to Babylon.js. And one of the key thing for this demo was the work we did on a specific shader to simulate lenses as you can see in this picture:

I also presented a session with Frank Olivier and Ben Constable about graphics on IE and Babylon.js:

This leads me to one of the questions I often have about babylon.js: What do you mean by shaders[…]

Bringing VR to Chrome
Cloth Simulation
MultiresGL – A WebGL sculpting appRaw WebGL
Interactive Path Tracing Demo using GLSL (Chrome works best)


Haxe Roundup № 208 |
There are two job offerings that have appeared this week. The first from Massive Interactive who have the largest Haxe engineering team world wide, building “native TV applications across mobile,…

Haxe Roundup № 207 |
Highwayman Stars belong to you, created by Chau Guillaume and François Rousset using Haxe, OpenFL and HaxeFlixel have made a “space-opera RPG made by a small team of two french students”….

WWX2014 – Speech : Franco Ponticelli “Haxe for makers”
WWX2014 Speech : Jean-Baptiste Richardet “What’s your favorite Haxe IDE?”
WWX2014 – Speech : Juraj Kirchheim “Haxe on Wings”
The 4th International Haxe Conference WWX2014 organized by Silex Labs took place from 23th to 26th may 2014 in Paris.Here is the video of Juraj Kirchheim’s speech at WWX2014. JURAJ KIRCHHEIM Freelancer In the fall of 2008, after an arduous odyssey to find the perfect programming language, Juraj found himself stranded on the miraculous island of Haxe. Once a flash developer he recently shifted his platform focus to Haxe/js both on server and client side. He loves writing Haxe code and hates writing biographies. Because unfortunately, there is no macro for that. Who would know than him? Tinkerbell – Haxe on Wings The Tinkerbell project has been around for almost three years now, pushing all of Haxe’s new features to the limit. We’ll explore just what that really means in practice. Short lambdas are only the start! Video We had some problem with the beginning of the video, so we asked Hugh to make a screencast after the WWX2014 for the first slides (4min). Slides 

PathFinding with Astar and Flare3D Blog post

Video demo: Flare3D + OimoPhysics Light + Reflection + Shadow


Ever wanted to dynamically write local files from a Flash game/app at runtime (without server-side scripts, or annoying File Dialog prompts)? This handy AIR app can serve as a 3rd-arm for your Flash projects that needs to dynamically update JSON, TXT, or even ByteArray files. Also useful for launching NativeProcess (batch, commands, etc.)

Browser Games that use Android Devices with Adobe AIR as…

With the latest update of Adobe AIR app, you will be able to develop Flash based browser games that can use Android devices as motion sensing game controllers. On this page, I plan to maintain a list of browser games that enable this functionality.


An Introduction to Swift: Part 1

Swift Language Changes in Xcode 6 beta 3
The Swift programming language continues to advance with each new Xcode 6 beta, including new features, syntax enhancements, and behavioral refinements. Xcode 6 beta 3 incorporates some important changes, a few of which we’d like to highlight:Array has been completely redesigned to have full value semantics to match the behavior of Dictionary and String. Now a let array is completely immutable, and a var array is completely mutable.Syntax “sugar” for Array and Dictionary has changed. Arrays are declared using [Int] as short hand for Array, instead of Int[]. Similarly, Dictionary uses [Key:Value] for Dictionary<Key,Value>.The half-closed range operator has been changed from .. to ..< to make it more clear alongside the … operator for closed ranges. Xcode 6 beta is free to Registered Apple Developers and can be downloaded on the Xcode downloads page. Read all about these and other changes in the complete release notes for Xcode 6 beta 3.

Google Offers Up A Free Crash Course In Android Development

Google has teamed up with Udacity to make available a free course in Android development available to all – complete with videos, quizzes, course materials and forums. The course is called ‘Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals,” and it provides everything you need to learn how to make an Android app step-by-step; provided, that is, you already have a basic… Read More

Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 11 July 2014
Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Life after Aperture and iPhoto: What to do with your image library – When most companies kill off a neglected product, the damage is usually limited to the few remaining customers that have stuck […]

Weekly Mobile News Roundup – July 4 2014
Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Siri Will Soon Understand You a Whole Lot Better – It all started at a small academic get-together in Whistler, British Columbia. The topic was speech recognition, and whether a new and unproven approach […]

Metal, a new graphics API for iOS 8
Exciting times for graphics on iOS 8! At its recent World Wide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Metal, a new graphics API that’s low-overhead, high efficient, and designed specifically for the A7 chip. It provides a way for game makers to take full advantage of iOS hardware and achieve far greater realism, detail, and interactivity in […] Do We Really Need Another JavaScript Framework?
An anonymous reader writes Front-end developer Jaroen Janssen has a post about, “a custom built JavaScript 3D rendering and physics engine meant as a replacement for the standard layout engine of the browser.” The engine effectively replaces a big chunk of HTML5 in order to render more efficiently by using technology based on WebGL. Janssen questions whether the world really needs another JavaScript framework: “Is it a bad thing that replaces major parts of HTML5? To be honest, I’m not sure. As a Front-end developer I have to admit it makes me slightly uneasy to have to use a custom API instead of ‘standard’ HTML5. On the other hand, like almost everyone that makes web apps for a living, I have been terribly frustrated by some of HTML5 limitations, like slowness and browser incompatibilities. Either way, it might be a good thing to try a fundamentally different approach so I’m keeping an open mind for now. chases another holy grail, namely the ‘write once, run anywhere’ dream. Instead of having to write different code for different platforms, like iOS and Android, developers can write one application that works and looks as good on all platforms, in theory anyway. This of course saves a huge amount of time and resources. Unfortunately, this idea is not without its problems and has never really worked very well with earlier attempts like Java-applets, Flash and Silverlight. In the end native applications have so far always been faster and slicker and I’m pretty skeptical will be able to change this.”
– The debate rages on how do you feel about famous?


Epilog – Interactive Light and Shadow by Schnellebuntebilder
Epilog is a room installation that uses light, sound and haze to create a 25-minute constantly transforming world of moving images and sounds.

Play the World – Listening to the global soundscape that surrounds us

Play the World invites visitors to perform with a keyboard that finds samples with the same note in near realtime from web radio stations around the world.

New Technologies

​Homestar Runner Might Be Coming Back. For Real.
That little update in April was the first time that the internet got new Homestar Runner stuff in three years. Now, the cult cartoon’s creators say that we’ll be seeing more of Strong Bad, the Cheat and the show’s other characters soon. Are you ready for a Strong Sad Tumblr? Read more…

The future of data-driven design
Hailed as the world’s most innovative design company by Fast Company magazine in 2011, San Francisco-based Stamen Design specialises in making big data beautiful, with a particular focus on how maps can communicate complex information in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Oculus starts shipping latest Rift VR headset prototype this month
Were you one of the over 45,000 to pre-order the latest prototype VR headset from Oculus? Well, if so you could be seeing the $350 Rift Dev Kit 2 rather soon. The company recently announced that the first round of new hardware has left the production…

Third-person Oculus Rift hack delivers a true out-of-body experience
Who says VR needs to be experienced in the first-person? Using a stereo pair of GoPro cameras, mounted to a tall antenna carried in a backpack, some obscenely intelligent makers in Poland have discovered that it’s possible to enjoy an Oculus Rift…

Virtual Reality Gets A Real Content Studio With Launch Of Alchemy VR

 In the wake of the Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR, and the launch of Sony’s Project Morpheus a week earlier, virtual reality has quickly moved beyond its gaming roots and has seized the imagination of a generation of designers, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Now you can add award-winning storytellers to the list, with the launch of a new entertainment studio from London called… Read More


RPi Roundup – 3rd July 2014
How to Balloon Map Your Neighborhood, Google Maps Style