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Web Development Tools You Need to Know by the End of 2014

If you are web developer you have probably heard about some (or all) of these tools: npm (Node Packaged Modules)” package manager for node.jsBower”…

Collective #157

Chrome Experiment #1000 * Unicoder.js * currentColor * Geomanist Regular * Clocks * Ordinals * Colorable * Stampsy

Collective #157 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

Introduction to the React JavaScript Framework
[This article was written by Aurelio De Rosa.]2015 is lining up to be the year of React. Lately, it has garnered a lot of attention, for front-end, mobile…

WebRTC requires Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) starting in Firefox 38

Today, we are announcing that Firefox 38 will take further measures to secure users’ communications by removing support in WebRTC for all DTLS cipher suites that do not support forward secrecy. For developers: if you have a WebRTC application or server that doesn’t support PFS ciphers, you will need to update your code. Forward secrecy, […] ” A Node.js SMTP Server for Emails

Mailin is a A node.js smtp server that receives emails, parses them and posts them as json to the url of your choice. It checks the incoming emails dkim, spf, spam score (using spamassassin) and tells you in which language the email is written. Mailin can be used as a standalone application directly from the […]

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Collective #156

Datedropper * Awesomplete * Coogyloop * SVG layout with Flexbox * Smartphone Remote Control * Space Icons * Design Last

Collective #156 was written by Mary Lou and published on Codrops.

Collective #155

Webydo * I am the fold * Carousel Usage * Full-Screen Pushing Navigation * SVG News * underline.js * Shade

Collective #155 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

Firefox Developer Edition 38: 64-bits and more

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Firefox, we unveiled Firefox Developer Edition, the first browser created specifically for developers. At that time, we also announced plans to ship a 64-bit version of Firefox. Today we’re happy to announce the next phase of that plan: 64-bit builds for Firefox Developer Edition are now available on […]

Announcing the MDN Fellowship Program

For nearly a decade, the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) has been a vital source of technical information for millions of web and mobile developers. And while each month hundreds of developers actively contribute to MDN, we know there are many more with deep expertise in the Web who aren’t participating”yet. Certainly MDN and the Web […]

6 common mistakes when writing CSS for WordPress themes
Irrespective of how widespread the use of WordPress has been, a lot of users are still making simple mistakes while writing the CSS for WordPress themes. In this article, we’ll take you through six common mistakes which we’ve found being made even by professional developers. Firstly, let’s get a clearer picture of what we mean by CSS errors in WordPress theme customization projects.


Upfront is a game changer for WordPress

Whoever you are, however you use it, if you’re building websites with WordPress then you need to take a look at Upfront. Upfront is a new approach to WordPress, three years in the making, and its developers, WPMU Dev, think it’s the future of the eternally-popular CMS platform. Upfront is, technically a WordPress theme, in […]

WebGL, OpenGL, and VR

The Big Picture: HTC’s Vive VR headset up close and personal

This is what HTC’s Vive VR headset looks like in real life. It’s not a dummy model, those sensors are fully functional. It’s on my actual head. The first thing you may notice (if you don’t, check the gallery below), is that it looks a little bigger t…

Blend4Web has made it easier to share their content Blend4Web Team writes: Our team is happy to present a new Blend4Web release! New features include, but not limited to, the development server, social sharing buttons, curves/surfaces/metaballs and spot shadows. Details: Our standard web player app now has share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and VK […]

Look directly at the ‘Sunshine’ with Oculus VR

Oculus Rift offers some pretty out of this world experiences (punching sharks and becoming a bird immediately come to mind), but getting an up-close and personal with the sun aren’t among them. Until now, of course. That, my friends, is what Sunshine…

Emscripten helps port C and C++ code to run on the Web. When doing such porting, we have to work around limitations of the web platform, one of which is that code must be asynchronous: you can’t have long-running code on the Web, it must be split up into events, because other important things ” […]

The PlayStation maker shows off its latest headset prototype at the Game Developers Conference, saying it’s “close to the final consumer product.”
Valve’s ‘Lighthouse’ VR tech lets TVs and headsets work together

We already saw the new Vive virtual reality headset that Valve and HTC are working on, but they’re not stopping there. Hardware engineer Alan Yates says that it’s Lighthouse room scale tracking system brings the “high resolution, high speed tracking”…

haXe and AS3

Slava Tretyak has written Fast Iterators for StringMap in which he benchmarks the StringMap Iterator implementation from Haxe 3.1.3, the Haxe GitHub repo and his own iterator implementation, all compiled to JavaScript run on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

GearVR (Oculus Mobile) running in Adobe AIRThis is a quick…

GearVR (Oculus Mobile) running in Adobe AIR

This is a quick recording showing the 360 video example included in the GearVR (Oculus Mobile) SDK running within the Adobe AIR running on a Samsung Note 4.

This last week has had some pretty impressive posts, libraries and game releases. Sven Bergström has written, to date, the single best description of Haxe is in his post Haxe from 1000ft.
The next Haxe release, version 3.2 is fast approaching, with the latest major change being merged, a cross-platform typed array implementation which follows the Javascript spec which “describes an array-like view of an underlying binary data buffer”. You can test it out via New versions of Lime and OpenFL have been released, 2.1.1 and 2.2.6 respectively. Lime has added initial Emscripten support, allowing you to compile native code into optimised Javascript, asm.js, which gets a performance boost in Firefox since version 22.

Game Engines

Unity 5 Launch

Unity 5 is here. For everyone. Today is the big day. We’re launching Unity 5 globally. Today. Yes, you can all download it now. There are literally over a thousand improvements in Unity 5 that we’d love to talk about. My quick blog today is not the place to do that. This note is being […]

Unity 5 released with upgrades, full-featured free version

This morning, Unity released the latest version of its engine, which it announced a year ago – and Gamasutra talks to CEO John Riccitiello about the competition, and his plans for the company. ..

Valve debuts Source 2 for free in bid to compete with Epic, Unity

Valve is officially debuting its long-rumored Source 2 engine at GDC this week alongside a host of other new technologies, and it’s expected to launch at a competitive price: free. …